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10 Clever ways to Use Your Logo in Your Hotel’s Branding

A logo is an essential characteristic of any brand that provides it unique identity. It is a small symbol that identifies with the organization and its products. If we talk about a good logo, it shoul...

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5 Smart Ways to Involve Your Guests in Your Hotel Branding Campaign

Hospitality industry has witnessed extensive competition over the past few years. The marketing for various hotels and resorts has become more aggressive and one needs to make use of a range of digita...

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How to Encourage Your Guests Write Reviews on Facebook

In the digital world, most of the travelers conduct research online before booking accommodation. In fact, they make their booking decision after checking out online reviews and get recommendations fr...

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How to Double Your Hotel’s Direct Bookings Online With Instagram Marketing

These days, most of the hoteliers are using Instagram to promote their hotels online. If we talk about Instagram, it is a powerful social marketing platform that is ideal for travel marketing. This pl...

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3 Biggest Yet Innocent Mistakes that Hoteliers Make in Hotel Photography

When it comes to capturing photographs of your hotel, you need to handle it with professional expertise. The photographs of the hotel’s interiors that you upload on your website or on other booking ...

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Never Miss Taking These 6 Must-Have Photographs of Your Hotel

Professionally captured photographs can play a great role in advertising your hotel business to your target audience. With good-quality and convincing photographs, you can spark the imagination of you...

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Is Paid Social Media Advertising The Best Option for Hoteliers to Gain Higher Profits?

Every webmaster is aware of this fact that social media can do wonders to advertise any business specially hotel. It opens a lot of avenues for businesses as compared to traditional marketing channels...

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Here’s How Hoteliers Can Get Benefited From Foursquare

Do you have dream of ruling in the hospitality industry? Do you want to promote your property by location with smartphone? Just use Foursquare. This is a new location-based application that will help ...

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Best Strategies to Encourage Hotel Guests to Leave Reviews

In the hospitality industry, online customer reviews play a crucial role to get more direct bookings and earn higher revenue. It will be good for you and your potential customers, if you encourage you...

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7 Twitter Marketing Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Hotel’s Online Image

Social media is one of the best free tools that every business should use to get benefited. Being a digital marketing connoisseur, you have made a great plan for Facebook and Instagram. But what about...

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Top 3 Reasons Why Any Hotel Business Needs a Professional Copywriter

Your hotel website works round the clock to bring visitors and customers to your business. However, promoting a website in the online world or positioning it on the top of SERPs is not enough at all....

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Google August Core Algorithm Update – Everything You Need to Know

Google, the major search engine giant, has recently released Google Algorithm Update called ‘Broad Core Algorithm Update’. Like always, most of the webmasters are noticing fluctuations in their we...

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