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7 Ways to Make Your Hotel Website Header Bring in Bookings

A website header is usually the first thing that visitors will see when they get to your hotel website. This means that it can make or break your branding, user experience, and much more. Therefore, ...

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5creative ideas
5 Creative Ideas for Your Hotel Sites Contact Page

Even if you have a great knowledge base, your customers will surely need human assistance at some point. When customers get to the contact us page, they want the smoothest and simplest way possible to...

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Do One-Page Websites Work Well for Hotels?

Single-page websites offer an effective and unique way to tell your hotel brand’s story. These sites utilize minimal content and space to pass on information. They achieve this through goal-oriented...

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Why it is Important for a Hotel to Have a Blog

Most hotel guests tend to visit different hotel websites before their actual trip. This is why every hotel should have a blog on their website because of the immense benefits that it gives. A blog wil...

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Here’s Why You Must Get An Audit Done Before Website Redesign

Not getting more bookings from your website? Are you unable to achieve your marketing targets? Your website is not performing well? Then, it’s the right time to redesign your website! This will sure...

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The Perfect Way to Create a Mind Blowing Contact Page

Contact Page, no doubt, is one of the most important parts in any hotel website. However, it seems basic; but most of the customers hit this page to connect with the hotel representative. Through this...

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How to Design a Profitable Hotel Photo Gallery Page That Brings More Bookings

Today, the hospitality industry has become highly competitive. That’s the reason; every small to big hotel has to struggle a lot to stay ahead in the industry. They can win over this rat race by mas...

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5 Ways to Check If Your Website is optimized for Speed

Website speed optimization is important for its performance and impression on the users. A quick loading time adds on to the long-term user experience and builds on the brand value of the business tha...

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6 Losses to Expect When Your Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly

With better smart phones being available to people, mobile internet usage has gradually surpassed computer usage. As smart phones have become an essential part of our everyday life, people look at the...

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What Questions You Should Ask While Hiring Hotel Website Maintenance Vendors

No matter, whether you are planning to develop a new hotel website or going to give a new facelift to the existing one, you should have a good web maintenance plan. If we talk about website maintenanc...

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Here’s Why Your Hotel Website Needs Regular Maintenance

No doubt, a website is just like a car that needs regular maintenance and protection. No matter, whether you own a big hotel, a group of chains or a small hotel business, you should prevent some websi...

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What If Your Hotel Website Doesn’t Have a Professional Web Maintenance Service

In all over the world, there are so many hoteliers who know the significance of a site. But most often, they just develop a website and never maintain. They don’t know that if they don’t maintain ...

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