Do One-Page Websites Work Well for Hotels?

Single-page websites offer an effective and unique way to tell your hotel brand’s story. These sites utilize minimal content and space to pass on information. They achieve this through goal-oriented, efficient, and satisfying interactive experiences. The single-page site is gaining momentum by the minute in the hospitality industry. Here are five reasons why this solution might be perfect for your hotel brand.


One-page websites have a simple design, and this means that almost every barrier of entry is eliminated for the visitor. As a result, the users will not have to deal with countless navigation options and calls to action associated with poorly designed sites. A single-page hotel website feels more inviting and friendlier to visitors, and this increases engagement and decreases bounce rates.

Great for mobile use

With the increasing number of people using mobile phones to access the internet, hoteliers need to design websites with the guests in mind. One-page websites provide an enjoyable and easy experience for mobile users. All they need to do is scroll through a hotel website without having to click around on their small screen to get the information they are looking for.

Images everywhere

With hotels, you need to show your guests what your business offers. A single-page website is ideal for hotels because it allows the incorporation of lots of images. The layout of this site is image-driven to keep guests engaged as they move through your hotel website.

Cost-effective and time-efficient

Single-page websites do not take a longer time to design and develop when compared to the traditional website. This means that you will not break the bank when designing a site for your hotel. The web designers will not waste lots of time on unnecessary pages, and this keeps the costs low. A well-designed single-page website is ideal for budget-conscious hotel brands that are looking for a cost-effective and powerful asset that guarantees a higher return on investment.

Single-page websites tell a compelling story

One-page websites allow hotel businesses to tell their stories in a linear and controllable fashion. They can help you to guide the visitor through a narrative that will unfold in a compelling and intuitive manner. The design efficiency of these websites enables hoteliers to incorporate richly rewarding interactions along the way. With their top to down narrative sequence, hotel marketers are able to guide their visitors to the ultimate goal, which is conversions or bookings.

Before you design a new one-page site for your hotel, you need to evaluate the objective of your business and determine whether it is suited for this design. Keep in mind that a one-page site can be a perfect option for small hotels that have very little information or content to share. To guarantee success, you need to identify the needs and objectives of your hotel business.

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