Your website is what connects your hotel to the world. However, it is also important to have a blog on your hotel website. Before you sit down and start blogging, hoteliers need to understand the benefits of a hotel blog to their business. Here are six things you need to know to help you make a decision.

Do You Have Someone To Manage The Blog?

As an hotelier, if you do not have the time to blog, it is best to find someone to manage everything for you. An expert blogger will continuously publish relevant and interesting articles that will help you grow a good following.  He/she will engage with your clients on the comment section to find out what people expect from your hotel. With the best blogger, your hotel website will get more visitors and this will translate to more bookings and revenue. If you cannot handle a hotel blog professionally, it is best that you hire an experienced hand to help you out.

Do You Have The Time To Invest In Hotel Blogging?

Constant hotel blogging needs lots of time. A massive time investment is required to build a successful blog for your hotel. Growing your blog will not just stop with publishing posts. The best bloggers usually spend a lot of time each day researching, reading, and promoting their blogs. Before you start your hotel blog, ensure that you have the time to invest in your blog.

Do You Have Other Active Marketing Channels?

Blogging alone will not be an effective advertising strategy for hotels. You should also have other active marketing channels. There is no point for you to write and publish blogs if you are not going to show them to anyone. Your hotel should have a presence on different social media platforms.

Can You Keep Up A Consistent, Regular Schedule?

With hotel blogging, you will need a consistent and regular publishing schedule. If you are not consistent on your hotel blogs, you will not successfully build a following. If you will be consistent, then hotel blogging is something worth considering.

Does Your Competition Have A Blog?

Today, many hotels run a blog to keep clients on their website longer. If your competitors have a blog, it is best that you invest in one. A hotel blog will give you a platform to answer all questions that your clients are asking and will provide them with detailed information regarding the local destination. If you are losing clients to your competitors because you do not have a blog, it is best that you invest in one.

Do You Know How Much Work Hotel Blogging Entails?

If blogging just looks like fun where you can share your ideas and thoughts, you need to reevaluate. The best bloggers usually spend lots of time on their blogs and this does not just involve writing posts. They spend most of their time promoting blogs and building a solid foundation of readers. When it comes to hotel blogging, you should be ready for the writing and marketing work.

Blogging is an effective and powerful content marketing tool. However, running a successful blog on your website needs planning, resources, and time. Keep in mind that hotel blogging is not a one-size-fits-all or a quick-win strategy. To ensure successful execution of your hotel blog, you need to plan carefully and consistently offer new content for your readers. Hotel Blogging should be a long-term commitment that hoteliers should make and not just an idea they adopt on a whim.


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