5 Hotel Site Design Factors That Can Increase Direct Bookings By 200%

A hotel website provides a great platform for linking with potential guests. You should therefore have the right combination of factors, which will enable you to come up with a great design effortlessly. Knowing what you want users to get out of your website should be the first thing you work out. It should serve more than just a source of information.

Appeals to the right target market

The website design should revolve around a particular target market. This will depend on the type of hotel it is, as well as the facilities it has. All aspects of the website design, from the content to the photos and even videos, should speak to the needs that the target market has. Appealing to the target market ensures that only the right people will click on your website, and find your services and facilities relevant enough to make a booking. Engaging your target market increases your direct bookings extensively, which is good for your hotel operations.

Ideal booking form

The website should have an online booking form that facilitates direct bookings. Having a booking form that is easily accessible will increase direct bookings. The booking form offered on your site should be easy to use for it to be effective. It should not be extensive as it will take up too much time to fill, which may lead the users to find another one that is not complicated to fill. In short, it should be clear to understand and use as this will encourage the users to make the booking directly.

Call to action button

Incorporating call to action features on your website should be at the center of all the efforts you put on designing the website. This encouragement is what you need to boost the direct bookings that the hotel gets. You should create the urge to click on the link to the booking form by all ways possible. The call to action tab should stand out, thus drawing the attention of users to it. You can also use other techniques of cueing the visitors to make their bookings immediately. Through the call to action button, you will see an increase in the direct bookings.

A responsive website design

The website design should support use across various platforms. This means that it should be responsive to both a mobile and desktop environment. Having such a scalable website design allows more users to access it. The booking form should also work on all platforms to provide equal access to all. You should not leave out mobile device users from enjoying this convenience. When you consider all users, it means that you will not lock out any potential guest to your establishment. You will increase the direct bookings that you get as you offer easy access to all users.

Speed and security

The website should have all structures that support the use of booking forms in place. This interactive feature may take up a lot of space and if the website does not have enough space, the booking process will be slow. Users will be looking for speed. A slow responding website becomes frustrating and users may not have the patience to wait. The speed factor is crucial, especially to the booking process. When the process is smooth, it will encourage more users, thus increasing the direct bookings. Since bookings involve divulging crucial details such as credit card information, the website should have security features. This will give an assurance to the users, and they will therefore feel comfortable making the direct bookings.

In conclusion, only an attractive website will capture the attention of visitors. It should also play the role of converting this online traffic to guests making direct bookings on the website. Incorporating the factors mentioned should see you achieve this goal.

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