Event Section On Your Hotel Site – What To Do & What Not

An event section on the hotel website is a section that lets the potential guests to know what’s going on in or around your city. In this section, you will come to know latest updates on recreational activities wherein you may be interested. Through this page, you can not only increase your site traffic, but you can also keep your visitors engaged. Now the question is what to include & what not in event section? Here, we bring to you some do’s and don’ts while writing for this section:-

Some Do’s for Event Section

1. Write compelling descriptions. When writing for event section of your website, you should write concise, clear and compelling descriptions to drive higher website traffic. Ensure that it is free from any grammatical and typo errors.

2. Date & Time. Date and time are the most important thing for any event. How one can attend an event if he/she doesn’t know when it is going to host. Do add all the information on the page.

3. Add Call to action button. Every day, so many events are happening in or around the city. So, if you want to make sure that your guests don’t miss these events, then make booking easy for them by adding call to action button.

4. Venue Details. The event page of hotel website should contain venue details so that visitors can easily reach there. For this, you can add directions, transport solutions, maps, etc.

5. Social Media Sharing Buttons. By adding these buttons, you will allow your potential guests to share the latest events with their friends through social media.

Some Don’t for Event Section

1. Wrong Information. Never add wrong/incorrect information to your event webpage as this may mislead the site visitors and your potential guests may loss trust within you.

2. Weak Call to action. The main purpose of your website is to provide latest information upon upcoming/on-going events to the guests and help them to do bookings without leaving the site. So, if there will be weak call to action button, you can’t keep them engaged.

3. Don’t add much information. Make registration for event simpler for your guests. Just add some basic information about the event – venue details, date & time, description and call to action button.

4. Outdated Event Details. Last but not least, you should never add the details of event which is outdated. This will increase bounce rate of your website.

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