Brand positioning Services

I have great business name and logo. Is it not enough for branding?

Having a visual identity, a great business name and well- designed logo that conveys about your business is an advantage. But there is more to your brand than just a name. Its about what are you message you are communicating to the world out there as in what to expect of your brand, what are your unique selling proposition, how does your brand engage with its target markets. If you are a luxury hotel then your brand needs to send that message consistently in everything you do and vice versa if you are in for masses.

How to know the emotional benefit my hotel brand can deliver to my customers?

To know the emotional benefits that you can choose to deliver you need to know your brand’s strengths and what problem it is solving. Ex you can choose between A relaxed environment, a warm space, worry free, exciting or an entertaining environment that you want to give to your guests and rightly position the same.

What is this brand storytelling and how does this help me in my hotel business?

Brand story telling is sending emotional messages to your target customers who will connect and recall your brand when faced similar situation. You can use different media to tell your brand story.

Content Marketing Services

Can content marketing really work for my hotel?

Yes. By including effective content in your marketing and communication channels such as our website, blog, social media channels, white paper, email marketing etc, you can make content support your hotel’s recognition, bookings and growth.

Can Content Marketing Generate Leads for My Business?

Yes. Good quality content act as the lead magnet by bringing traffic to your website and then getting people take actions.

How frequently we should update or add content?

There are no particular numbers to how frequent you should do it. Content marketing is a continuous process. Depending the dynamic nature of hotel business, your content should be really competitive and consistent in generating new traffic as well as keep the interest of your existing customers/visitors.

Responsive web design services

What is responsive web design?

A responsive web design is one that adapts itself according to the devices and platforms without any problems.

Can you convert my existing website in to a responsive one?

Yes, we can. But, we will need to study and analyse your website’s coding and functionality. However, we may need to add advanced programs and designs into it to make it a responsive web design.

Is having a responsive web designs affordable?

At Websrefresh, we offer affordable well-designed responsive web design solutions. We will understand your requirement and then suggest you a plan that you can afford easily.

If I make my website responsive now, will it open with older browsers?

That is the beauty of responsive web design. Responsive web design uses CSS3 media-queries and HTML5 that support older versions of IE. The user will be always able to access your responsive website no matter what the platform or browser it is.

Online Reputation Management Services

What is the biggest misconception about online reputation management?

Online reputation management is not about any quick fix solutions. At least, at Websrefresh we don’t promise any 100% guarantee of deindexing or deletion from Google. Negative reviews and articles cannot be outrightly deleted. There is a complex process involved. If someone wrote a negative blog or report about your hotel and supported it by evidence, they have all the right to host that article. In such cases, we need to take legal recourse.

How long will you take to fix our reputation crisis?

It depends from case to case. Is it in just in a place or two, just a negative review or the negative news is doing cycles by going viral? We would take the emergency route of really high-quality content, interviews, fresh positive reviews and client testimonials, back it up by SEO to create a positive buzz around your hotel brand to counter and subdue the unwanted published content.

Is online reputation management only when our brand is facing reputation crisis?

Brands that are wiser are proactive in their approach towards positive reputation. So, in case any negative situation arises in the future, your brand image is so positive and strong that no negativity can overpower it. So, instead of being reactive, you should be proactive and start your online reputation management as soon as possible.

SEO Services

Why should we outsource our SEO to you?

Firstly, SEO is a very specialized web services domain that requires multiple skill sets. Websrefresh has 15+ years of experience in providing digital marketing and other webservices to hotel industry. We have the complete team of experts to take care of your hotel SEO while you can just focus on your business.

How long does will it take to see the results from SEO?

SEO is a process that involves your commitment of investment and time both. It takes minimum 4-6 months to see the result. We at Websrefresh use white hat SEO practices that is ethical SEO practices to ensure your site is Google friendly.

How will I check if the SEO campaign is working?

You will receive customised reports from us on regular basis for you to know how well you are doing on google. Besides this you can also check the following on your own –

  • Google Analytics to track your traffic
  • Google Webmaster to check impressions and clicks
  • Check CRM tool that you will have access to for reviewing your
What type of hotels you do SEO for?

Websrefresh is a niche hotel web services company that caters to hospitality industry at large. Whether you are a small boutique hotel, or chain of hotels/motels, restaurant or inn, we are happy to serve you.

Are your services available only in Arizona?

We are based in Phoenix, Arizona, but we have been providing SEO and other web services solutions to hotels all over America and other countries outside USA too.

Server hosting solutions

How do I find the most suitable hosting plan?

At Websrefresh, we can help you decide what type of webhosting suits your business depending on your business size and your near and future business goals. But the basic choices are shared hosting, VPS, cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting.

If you are just a start up and don’t have much traffic yet, you could consider cheap shared hosting plans. But, if you want more freedom and security, then you may require more robust hosting plan like VPS (Virtual Private Server). If you have a big traffic or expecting higher growth, then dedicated server hosting plans are ideal for you.

How much does Web hosting cost?

As you go upwards from shared hosting to private and dedicated, the investments goes up too. Also, monthly pricing may differ from annual pricing. But, before you pay for the annual server hosting, you should investigate about the server hosting providers. Go only for the top reputed ones. Websrefresh is a niche service provider with a proven track record of providing hosting services to the hotels. We will guide you to go for the right server hosting. You will have the flexibility to upgrade it anytime you want.

What is the least expensive hosing?

If you want a cheap hosting plan, then you may consider shared hosting plan that start with less than $10 per month.

What does ‘Server uptime’ mean?

Server uptime means the time duration during which the server is up and functional. When it is not up means server is experiencing downtime. This means people cannot view your hotel website nor they can do any bookings during that time. This translates to the business lost. Go for the reliable server hosting providers like Websrefresh who promise 100% uptime or Zero downtime.

Website Design Services

How long does it take to design a website?

Minimum 1 week to even 2 months or more, it totally depends the scale of the project involved for how long it would take.

How much do you charge for a website design?

This is subject to the work and the kind of website that you need. Please call our agents or mail us

What technology do you support?

Websrefresh has team of expert well versed in DHTML, XHTML, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, XML, PHP etc to create classy websites that go with your business goals.

What is better - custom design our website or use a ready design template?

If you have limited budget and time, then use of ready template is fine. Main drawback of templates is that they may not contain all the features that you are looking for. Many ask you to download plugins for them to be functional, but the plugins may not work sometimes causing websites to be dysfunctional. Also, most of the time it is not possible to modify these. Thirdly, your website may lack the uniqueness as the template you use may have been used a thousand times before.

If you can spend money and time, then custom design is a worthwhile investment. Websrefresh has custom designed and delivered hundreds of unique hotel websites for past 15 years. But, if you have a small budget and want to use a template design we can do that for you as well.

We would like to go ahead with our hotel web design. How to start?

Sure. You can call and speak with one of our agents to discuss or mail us. We will discuss your hotel vision and business goals. Accordingly, our team of marketing and designers will suggest a few ideas to you. Once you approve and make 50% advance payment, we set to work on the designing part.

Web development services

DO you make custom websites or use templates?

We build 100% custom websites with unlimited revisions.

Do you have inhouse developers or you outsource your work?

Websrefresh has complete in house team of developers, designers and digital marketers to enable us to have a holistic viewpoint of your project and deliver the best to you.

Who gets the control of the website after the completion?

We develop the website for your hotel, beta test it and then handover to you. After that you can easily manage it from the admin panel and the user-friendly CMS that we provide with each website.

Do we have to host our website with you?

It is totally optional. Though we offer very secure and affordable server hosting but it is up to you whether to buy your hosting from somewhere else.

Are your websites SEO friendly?

Yes. 100%. We develop websites that have inbuilt SEO panel. Plus the content we use on the website is SEO optimised. After all, it is our commitment to see your hotel brand to be visible in top search results.

Web Maintenance Services

Why my website needs regular maintenance?

Regular updates with fresh content, big fixing, fixing missing, bad and broken links etc will not only drive increased quality traffic, but will also prevent your website from hacking and breakdowns.

How to go ahead with web maintenance services for my hotel?

Send your detailed enquiry in the GET QUOTE FORM. Our team will review your requirements and will contact you with a detailed proposal. We will start the website maintenance job as soon as you approve the proposal and make the first payment.

I am worried about my data. Is it safe and secure?

We take up regular back-up of your website to avoid loss of any data. According to our strict privacy policy we assure you the safety and security of your confidential data.

When can I connect with your support team?

Our support team is available 24X7. You can connect via phone and email.

Social Media Optimization

What is social media optimization?

Social media optimization (SMO) means using the online social media channels to generate awareness about a brand or individual to further increase the web traffic and sales. This social media is a mix of social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, social bookmarking sites, RSS feeds, Video sharing sites and blogging sites as well. Companies SMO experts use various tools and techniques to share interesting and important content to encourage users interact with the brand and then further talk to others in their network about the brand. This is called viral effect.

How will SMO help in my hotel business?

We will generate and share hotel specific content in the social media channels, hotel aggregator sites, OTA and travel review sites on regular basis in order to create awareness, buzz about your brand so that when people have to book a hotel as your specifications, will already have you on their mind. This will increase the chances of people booking your hotel.

What specific sites you work on for the hotel and travel business?

We work with all the top 100 hotel related sites worlswide which include OTA (online travel agents and bookings) such as Expedia, Hotel booking aggregators like Trivago and review sites like Tripadvisor. We optimise your brands on these along with the main social media sites like Facebook and Insta. We will include influencers on various social media to talk about your hotel.

Why should I hire Websrefresh rather than an in-house team?

When you hire Websrefresh, you hire 15 years of experience and the whole team of experts who will guide and execute your project without you getting worried about it. Also save from the fixed outlay of money. So, it is wiser to outsource your SMO than to hire in house.

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Search Engine optimization (SEO) is a technical process that involves multiple skills (content marketing, digital marketing, web analysis, marketing strategy etc) and steps that enables your website to show up in the search results whenever a prospective client looks for you.

Example, first thing one does in order to decide the hotel stay is to look up for it in the search engine. He would type in the what he is looking for, may be location or a specific service. Example, “luxury resort in Phoenix”. Google will search for luxury resorts in Phoenix area and show these up. Hotels showing up on the first page of Google search receive 92% of total search traffic.

So, all you need is your website to show in top search engine results so that your potential customers can see you. At Websrefresh, we help your hotel website get strong online presence and domain authority so that your hotel brand shows up in organic search results.


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