Five reasons why you should have “things to do” page on your hotel website

Any business venture requires good marketing and advertisement to return substantial profit. This marketing and advertisement becomes even more of a necessity if the business venture is in the hospitality industry. Hotel managers understand the fact that their hotels need to be on the lips on everyone to be of relevance in the industry.

Having a good website and not just a poorly designed and structured one helps a great deal in marketing a hotel, even to potential visitors outside the city of location. Visitors will always lookup the websites of hotels in a particular area before visiting.

In creating a website for any hotel, there are certain information that are considered important, such as a “things to do page”. Some of the reasons why a “things to do” page is important in a hotel website include:

It shows more value for staying at the place

A “things to do page” provides information about what is obtainable in a particular hotel and its environs. It informs potential customers of the kind of value they get for their money, ensuring they enjoy themselves to the fullest while visiting. This page can literary set a particular hotel apart from others in the same vicinity.

When customers understand and know the value they stand to get a hotel, they are confident, and tend to patronise such hotel.

Tells more about the city to new travellers

As earlier pointed out, a “things to do” page also provides information about the environment where a hotel is situated. This helps visitors to get to know more about where they are visiting. Some visitors throughout the duration of their stay might not be opportune to tour the city and create an impression of what the city is all about.

But this page can help enlighten them, and help ensure they have a story to tell about the city to their families and friends.
Leaves a great impression of hotel management for helping people decide

A good hotel manager would ensure a “things to do” page is part of the hotel’s website as it shows great management ability. It equally ensures the hotel staff has less to deal with when attending to customers. This is because, most customers would have made their decisions based on the information on the “things to do” page, thereby requiring little or no additional information.
Social courtesy of not only promoting property but also surroundings

Since a “things to do” page doesn’t only talk about the value obtainable in a hotel, but also about the environment where it is situated, the environment invariably gets promoted. This can open up opportunities for businesses to grow in that location, as well as attracting more businesses offering a variety of services.

On a larger scale, this promotion can turn such surrounding to a notable real estate vicinity for both home owners and businesses.
Makes site visitors spend more time on your site, making for better rankings and conversion

Information provided on a “things to do” page have a way of ensuring site visitors stay more than they originally planned to stay on the site. They try to digest all there is in the page. Visitors like this end up patronising the business. They equally make for better ranking of the website.

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