Free Site Audit vs. Paid Website Audit – What All You Must Know

If you have been active in forums and on social media groups, it’s likely you have seen a lot of free SEO audit offers. Just by asking an opinion in these forums about your site, you are bombarded with a plethora of offers. The free site auditing can work in the short term but do harm to your site in the long run. So what are the things you need to be aware of regarding paid vs. free website audit?

Free Site Audit is Only About Using Tools

A comprehensive website auditing process is a combination of tools and human analyses. You can’t entirely depend on a tool to get excellent results. While SEO and website auditing tools are intuitive, they work best when they are coupled with human skills. Some elements on your site that are causing it not be indexed may only be detected by an SEO or web design person and not the tools.

Free Site Auditing is Mostly Handicapped

If you’re going to have a free website audit, it may only be done on a few basic things leaving out the advanced issues. The auditing team may, in the worst case, use the fear factor so that it lures you to consider opting for the paid services. You will find that many of the website auditing services offer free and paid packages. The free package is intended to draw you or pull you to the auditing service from where the team asks to do more with the paid services.

Any good site auditing service won’t audit for free. The team may look at your hotel site perhaps to make an impression, however, they will not spend time getting deeper into the audit process if it’s a free audit. Instead, the website auditors will try making an offer if they have to conduct a detailed site audit.

In conclusion, if you want to have a comprehensive audit for your hotel website integrating site audit tools and human audits, you need to consider paid audit services.The team will utilize various site auditing tools to identify issues with the site and at the same time use their knowledge in site functionality, design, performance, and SEO ranking to detect any more issues that aren’t captured by the tools.Paid site audits will provide you with reliable auditing results that can help restore the site’s performance including navigation and load time, user experience, ranking on SERPs, and conversion.

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