Here’s How Hoteliers Can Get Benefited From Foursquare

Hoteliers Benefit From Foursquare

Do you have dreamt of ruling in the hospitality industry? Do you want to promote your property by location with smartphone? Just use Foursquare. This is a new location-based application that will help you record/share useful tips and whereabouts which are relevant to visiting restaurants, bars, hotels, stores, etc. These days, most of the hoteliers are using this platform to reach out a large number of smartphone users who love to do traveling. Listing property on this website is easy. To start with, you have to first set up an account and thereafter find out your hotel’s location. Once you find using search form, you have to claim and verify it. After setting up an account, you can take advantage from this promotion tool.


Keep Your Customers Engaged & Bond Your Relationship


Through Foursquare, it has become now easier to communicate with the customers and aware them about the latest offerings. Today, most of the people are active on mobile apps. So, if you are able to circulate your messages to them, then they can read them instantly on their mobiles without waiting the end of day or weekends. Hence, you can easily reach to your customers through this platform.


Grab Your Customers’ Attention


Foursquare is a platform which is based upon checking into online communities and nearby locations. When your customers will check in, they will get rewards. On this platform, there are many tools that will help you stay connected with your potential customers. Some of them are check-in specials, wildcard specials, mayor specials and frequency-based specials.


Have a Track Record of Success


Like Facebook and Twitter, you can also track how Foursquare specials are performing by using analytics system. The great thing is that you can check these updates in real time. In analytics, you can see most frequent visitors, most recent visitors, demographic statistics of customers, total number of unique visitors, and total number of check-ins shared with Twitter and Facebook friends. What’s more, you can also read your customers reviews to know what they like or what they don’t. By doing so, you will know their specific needs.    


Generate Repeat Business for Your Hotel


If we talk about Foursquare, it is a location-based social network that helps to generate repeat business. It informs the users that your property is also available in the same vicinity where they are going to visit. Here, they can also get more suggestions, reviews, and even discounts. For instance, your guests can easily discover nearby restaurants. 


Make Partnership with a Non-profit Clause


No matter, whether you own a hotel, restaurant or any other business, you should aware your customers that some amount will go to a cause. Just set your goal, do partnership with a non-profit cause, interact with the supporters to create awareness and increase donations. It will really help you to grow your hotel business.


To conclude, Foursquare facilitates hoteliers to stay connected with the guests and bond relationship with them. It also helps in gaining higher profits for your hotel business. By using this application, you and your customers can get huge benefits. So, why wait? Just claim your business listing on this website today. If you need professional assistance, then you can approach the staff at Websrefresh. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who always strives to offer exceptional services to all the guests. To know about our packages, just give us a phone call now at (602) 644-1779.

Nimesh Dinubhai

About The Author: Nimesh Dinubhai

Nimesh Dinubhai, the president of Websrefresh, offers excellent services to hotel industry. Some of them include website development, web design, mobile application, brand positioning, and other related Internet services. He has great interest in technology, the Laws of Success, spirituality, and the hotel industry. Also, he is also a member of Vantage Hospitality and AAHOA.

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