Here’s Why You Must Get An Audit Done Before Website Redesign

Not getting more bookings from your website? Are you unable to achieve your marketing targets? Your website is not performing well? Then, it’s the right time to redesign your website! This will surely help you get more direct bookings and achieve your monthly and yearly targets. However, giving a new facelift to a website is not so easier than you think. Even, for many hotel marketers, a website redesign is a scary thing.

It is a fact when we revamp a website, we may have to loss a large amount of traffic. What’s more, it also impacts badly upon ranking in SERPs. In other words, your entire organic online visibility may be at risk. But you can handle this situation efficiently, if you do proper planning. To be safer point of view, you should also perform a website audit. It will help you catch some mistakes before launching the new site.

Here are some top reasons on why you should assess when redesigning your website:

Prevent You from Costly Mistakes

If you conduct a website evaluation before pre-launch, you can easily identify what’s working and what’s not. Once you detect the issues, you can easily fix them and minimize your expenses and manpower in the case of post-launch fixes.

Monitor Your Current Website Health

Before revamping your site, it is necessary to know the potential of your website. This will also help you to understand the strong and weak areas of your website. Hence, you make your plan accordingly.

Save Yourself from SEO Disaster After Post-launch

It will help you to understand what major issues can impact badly upon your future web traffic, sales, leads, etc. With proper planning, you can avoid such issues at the earliest. For example, if you are restructuring/deleting your URL, then 301 redirects are must.

Crucial for Content Care

A website audit is crucial to handle content. Whether your webpage has great engagement metrics or it is ranking well, it is essential to keep them on the new website. If there is any underperforming content available, then you should immediately either rewrite them or delete entirely.

It’s Time to Know What Your Competitors are Doing

During pre-launch audit, you will get an idea what others are doing to stay ahead of competition and what improvement do you need. For instance, if your competitors have their own blogs and you don’t, then it is the right time to adopt this.

If you are new to online hotel marketing industry and don’t know how to perform pre-launch and post launch audit, then hiring a professional company will help. In Phoenix, Websrefresh has been operating in the industry since 2003. They have been providing a gamut of services, for instance, online marketing, branding, website design, website maintenance etc. Their team boasts of highly experienced professionals having sound knowledge about the industry. So, what are you waiting for? Contact them now to discuss your specific requirements!

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