Hotel Website Design Principles – What You Must Know

Designing a website for a hotel is a highly peculiar task, but this is something that can produce lots of positive things for you and your own business. So here we are going to provide you some tips that you must know to have the best design for your website:

Choose the content properly.

Know your audience and what they want. It has been proven that more than 55% of people log out of a site once they don’t feel comfortable with the content in the main page because they are not convinced by what they see. So, from the get-go, you should be offering proper content that explains how is your hotel and what your hotel is offering.


Select a combination of colors that become a main trait of the hotel’s website. Also select a combination of letters, fonts and even a terminology that turns into a characteristic element of the site; this way you are slowly, but surely becoming your hotel into a brand.

Make use of images and photo galleries.

This is a hotel we are talking about, right? Right. In this aspect, you should ALWAYS use images to show the hotel itself, several different sections of it and everything else that may play a major role in this regard. This is something that is going to allow potential clients to see the hotel and how it looks–a little glimpse of where they might be staying.

Don’t exaggerate with the design.

In this regard we are talking about not adding music, animations or any other element that might give the website an overcharged look. There are hotel websites that use videos, for examples, but it’s better if you keep it simple in this area in particular.

Always add other languages for your website.

Nowadays, people from all over the whole are traveling to different countries; the world is far more international than ever. Therefore, it’s important that our website deals with that and offers alternative sites that contribute to reach to a wider audience.

Make it mobile-friendly.

Nowadays, more than 66% of the world’s population that navigates on the internet does it through a cellphone, so it’s very important that you tackle that aspect in particular from the start. Make your hotel’s website suited to mobile platforms, thus resulting in a much more complete experience.

Also, if can create an app for mobile users, this is going to be much more helpful for them.

Don’t repeat the content.

While very important, websites about hotel tend to be quite simple because they offer clear services and clear prices. So there’s not a lot to talk about, if we are truly honest, and you should stick to what you know, without wanting to add more words for the mere sake of it. So, keep it simple and don’t repeat the content.

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