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Website Architecture for Online Revenue

You cannot have a successful business in today’s world and not have a website of that business.And although IT technology and web development are never to become a likely dinner topic, it is important that business owners have at least basic understanding of the architecture and components of a money making website in order to take advantage and rip the full benefits of running business online.

The key components of a website which converts visitors and clicks to buyers and sales are keyword research, information architecture, design concept and defining content. Keyword research- a major part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – is …complicated? When you hire a web developer always inquire if they have a SEO specialist on board and if they offer SEO optimization as part of the deal. If you need to refresh an underperforming website, your best Return on Investment (ROI) would be to hire a SEO specialist.

Your business SEO Optimization is not something you want to attempt at home alone, simply because if not done well, your business will be invisible to your clients and almost impossible to find, even when they search for you. The easiest way to drive customers away from your business is to play “hide and seek” online with them. Second most valuable player is your informational architecture, or in layman terms, the way you have organized the information on your website. Is it easy to access? How many clicks does a customer need to make to collect all information he needs in order to book or purchase online? Do your visitors need to go back and forth between webpages and menus in order to accomplish the purchasing process? A great informational architecture is intuitive and predictable. A great web developer would do some field research and information seeking behavior, patterns and preferences of the demographics you are trying to attract and implement his findings into your website structure.

They will create labeling systems – how you represent information, navigation systems- how users browse or move through information and search systems- how users look for information. Again, if you are not familiar with the process, do not attempt at home alone. If your visitors can not find the information they are seeking on your website, chances are, they will not go on a treasure hunt with a pirate map to find it. They would simplyclick away. Third major component of creating a money making website is the design concept. We can tell by looking at someone clothes if they are from the 80’s, last year fashion, pass me downs etc. Design concept has to do with looks and utility. All of us are avid internet users, so I don’t have to convince you that you can tell apart a brand new high tech website from a website designed in 2000. Successful businesses are careful to upkeep their brand and reputationand toshow to the world that they are very much abreast an involved in today’s trends and affairs. They update and upgrade their websites to the latest design look and tech out there. It is a good for business and it is good business. The fourth and final component needed for any website wishing toconvert random visitors into buying customers is defining the website content. Website content refers to everything that you chose to place on your website and share with the world at large. This is the stuff you want the wide world to know about you.

The stuff you are proud of, the “about us”, your business biography, credentials, accomplishments, recognitions, your rewards. Yet how many times have you seen online content, full with errors, typos, too long or too, too much or not enough? Almost daily when you surf the net you will have unsatisfying experience as a visitor. Building websites for the hotel industry for 11 years, it is my personal experience that most hotel owners don’t pay nearly as much attention as required to their website content, beginning with the most crucial- the number, quality and the resolution of their hotel images online.

If your webdeveloper masters these four components of your website, they lead to three very desirable benefits, namely, higher conversion rate from visitors to customers, higher social media traction, recognition and visibility and higher search engine ranking. And these three benefits serve two goals – leads and business revenue. Hire the best web architects. Your business revenue depends on it.

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