The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way hotels operate and guests are expecting the best from their favorite hotels. As COVID-19 continues spreading across continents, hoteliers must institute new health and safety protocols are part of their now evolving operating procedures to keep their guests and staff safe. While many hotels are closing across the world because of a drop in demand owing to the pandemic, those that are still in operation must take serious steps to alleviate risks to their guests. Here are ways hotels can assure their guests about safety post COVID.

Train Hotel Staff

Hotel employees must have up-to-date information regarding coronavirus and local and federal mandates and guidelines because the situation keeps changing every day. This will ensure that your employees have a common understanding on how to handle the situation and ways of assuring guests that the hotel is safe.

Provide Personal Protective Equipment And Cleaning Supplies

To protect guests and guarantee their safety, hotels must provide personal protective equipment including googles, facemasks, disinfectant solutions, and disposable gloves. In addition, all high-touch surfaces and common areas must be disinfected and cleaned regularly, particularly the doors, door handles, front-desk counters, elevator buttons, and many more. Also, the doors and windows should be opened as much as possible to encourage flow of air. This will ensure that both guests and staff are protected against the virus while in the hotel premises.

Food Service

When it comes to food service, buffet-style foods should be replaced with bagged meals. The food servers should also clean tables and chair surfaces more thoroughly and ensure they are disinfected between seatings. Unnecessary items on the tables should be removed, for example, pepper and salt shakers, flower vases, and candles.

Restrict Exposure To High Traffic Areas

Hotels must limit time spent in high-traffic areas within the property, such as elevators, lobbies, and restaurants. It will make more sense for guests to use the stairs when navigating floors instead of elevators or they can avoid using crowded elevators. This is because elevator buttons are touched frequently and guests need to practice proper hygiene and safety measures whenever they are in this environment.

Policies For Managing Sick Guests

Hotels need to implement a policy for effectively managing sick guests and should determine how frequently their rooms should get housekeeping services. They must also ensure that sick guests stay in their rooms and do not spend time outside. Hotels should have signage that asks guests to notify the management when they are sick so that proper measures are taken. Hotels can also provide an area for guests who wish to self-quarantine and have procedures and policies for these individuals to stay separate from the main areas including having a separate check-in area.

COVID-19 has affected all areas of our lives and the hotel industry has not been left behind. Post COVID, travelers visiting hotels will certainly want assurance that the properties are as clean as possible. Guests want to be assured that there is very low likelihood of them picking up any illness or virus and hotels must guarantee this.

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