How to Conduct a 30 Minute Website Audit for Your Hotel Site?

Do you think that your website is underperforming? Do you want to know why your hotel site is not driving higher web traffic? Well, a deep analysis of your website will help. This will aid you to identify what types of issues are hindering your great efforts. If we talk about a site audit, it is an analysis of a portal to identify SEO related issues, user experience, and also, technical issues. To start with, you should have some information – domain, brand name and location. Here, we bring to you a checklist on what and how you can perform an audit of your own in just 30 minutes:-

SEO Audit (Estimate Time – 10 Min or less)

a) First of all, you need to check out whether Google Analytics code is available on your site or not. To know this, just please follow – Right click the on page -> choose view page source -> search analytics.js, ga.js or gtag.js.

If available, just review your account to get an idea about the overall growth of the site traffic. This will also help you to know which pages are getting the most search traffic and is there any improvement/drop in traffic.

b) Ensure you have Google Search Console code on your website. To do this, just open view source and search ‘Google-site-verification’. Through this account, you can easily identify crawling errors such as duplicate/missing titles, 404 errors, server errors, and missing/duplicate descriptions.

c) Check Website Loading Time using tool. Experts say that the loading time of site pages should be less than 3 seconds on an average.

d) Appearance of SERPs. For this, you have to make searches with Brand Name and Brand Name + Location
This will help you to know whether your domain appear in SERPs or not.

e) Check every webpage has relevant meta tags. To perform this, please follow -> Right click anywhere on page -> choose view page source and then search

f) Check for canonical issues. Just type your website URL like this, or htpp:// If all of these links are opening and showing the same content, then ensure you use canonical tags

g) Look for Robots.txt – just open your website like this

h) Check for XML sitemap. Type in the browser your website + sitemap.xml for example (

Security Audit (1 Min or less)

Adding an SSL certificate on your hotel website will ensure that your guests’ data is secured and they can do bookings at your website with full of confidence. To check whether your website is secured or not, you should just type http:// in address bar along with your domain name such as ( If there is a lock icon appear in the address bar, then it ensures that your website is secured.

Content Audit (5 Min or less)

Also check manually whether content is strictly adhere to the page. Similarly, you should do focus on content structure and their division – white spaces, bullets, blocks and illustrative pictures. What’s more, check for duplicate content using Siteliner or Copyscape.

Social Media Audit (5 Min or less)

What’s more, you should ensure whether your hotel is present on all most popular social networks. Just type in search engine the following:-

•Domain Name + Facebook
•Domain Name + Twitter
•Domain Name + LinkedIn

Besides, ensure all social media icons embed into the right place of the site. If you have an account on these sites, then check if how many fans or followers are there or the content is posted on regular basis.

Link Audit (3 Min or less)

Perform SEO link audit to identify the technical issues of your website. You can easily do it using your Google Search Console account.

ADA Compliant Audit (2 Min or less)

Ensure that your website has accessibility information on the webpages that your visitors may visit. This will help a disabled guest to analyze whether your room is suitable for him or not. Besides, it is also important that all audio signals should be displayed visually.

Competitor Audit (4 Min or less)

Compare your hotel website with your competitors’ by using tool. Perform competitor’s audit to know about their paid campaigns and organic presence, backlinks etc.

So, if you want to know your website potential, then perform an audit today. But if you really don’t know about it, then you can take professional help. Websrefresh is a renowned company that specializes in this area. Contact them now to get started!!

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