How To Deal With Negative Hotel Reviews And How To Use It For Improvement

Today, many travelers read reviews before making travel purchase decisions. Therefore, hoteliers who want to succeed in this era must respond to both negative and positive reviews. A proper response on a bad review can help you mend your relationship with any unhappy reviewers and it can minimize the damage to your hotel’s reputation by making potential guests think highly of your business.

Reply to all reviews you get
Many hotels are not replying to all online reviews that they get. You need to be smarter about how you respond to your reviews if you want to grow your bookings. Not replying to negative reviews can send the wrong message to prospective customers. Furthermore, hotels that fail to respond may seem neglectful, inaccessible, and uncaring. If you do not take the opinions of your customers seriously, then you can ruin your chances of getting bookings from other browsing customers.

Be honest and professional
You can build a brand that people love if you speak transparently and honestly with your hotel customers. You need to be clear and open about what really happened. If you get a bad hotel review, then you should first try to determine the cause and resolve the bad comment. Reach out to the customer and try to address the problem and show other online readers that action has been taken to enhance the customer experience.

Move the conversation off-line
It is always a good idea to take the conversation offline to avoid further public conflict. You can do this by inviting the guest to contact you directly for further discussion. This will enable you to have a private and frank discussion with the guest and have any tough words or vindictive arguments off the internet. Furthermore, it can help you to recover the trust of your guests and it portrays a high standard of customer care to prospective guests.

Prompt Response
Hoteliers need to respond promptly to negative reviews. A quick response will give you a chance to repair the relationship with the unhappy guest. It will also reduce the number of potential guests who will see the online review without your response. It is best that you respond to negative hotel reviews within 24 hours.

Hotel businesses should have a customer relationship management system that combines all your reviews onto a single platform. It should also alert you whenever you receive one- or two-star reviews on the internet. This way, you will know whenever guests give negative feedback online and you can respond promptly before more damage is done to your business reputation.

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