How to Design a Profitable Hotel Photo Gallery Page That Brings More Bookings

Today, the hospitality industry has become highly competitive. That’s the reason; every small to big hotel has to struggle a lot to stay ahead in the industry. They can win over this rat race by mastering the art of hotel website design and especially, photo gallery page. If we talk about photo gallery page, it can be the most powerful tool to increase conversion rate. These days, almost 90% travelers prefer to book hotels after conducting research online.

Usually, they first check out the photos and a virtual tour of the hotel rooms, balcony, recreational areas, balcony, etc. The hotel images portray its style and hence, they can help you target your customers. But all you have to do is to design your website gallery page attractive.

Below are some tips to design hotel photo gallery page to increase bookings:-

Pick top quality images of your hotel

Undoubtedly, high-quality images can do a miracle to grab the attention of a potential customer. Being a hotelier, you should pick the right images which have high resolution and are clicked by professionals with wide-angle shots otherwise your website visitors will not stay at your site for a longer time. As the result, the bounce rate will become higher.

Minimize Friction to increase conversions and user engagement

If you want to increase conversion rate and user engagement on your hotel site, friction should always be minimized. For this, you should use simple language in image description, decrease your website loading speed and have a clear design. What’s more, you should choose a consistent color scheme.

Make Use of the Serial Position Effect

The Serial Position effect is the one that inspires the people to pay attention and remember the first and last items on a list. So, if you are a hotelier, then you should try to put most impactful images at the top and bottom in your site’s gallery page. You can place the least important images in the middle part.

Add Share Button to Images

Adding the share button to images is also the best way to increase user engagement. This way, your customers can easily share images with others through social media websites Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. and get the right advice from them.


A hotel gallery page depicts how your hotel looks like and it helps travelers to make the right decision. So, if you have a well-designed gallery page with less friction, then you can get more bookings. So what are you waiting for? Just hire a professional web designing company like Websrefresh now that can help you make your gallery page strengthen. Contact us now to get the right advice!

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