How to Double Your Hotel’s Direct Bookings Online With Instagram Marketing

These days, most of the hoteliers are using Instagram to promote their hotels online. If we talk about Instagram, it is a powerful social marketing platform that is ideal for travel marketing. This platform combines two main social media aspects – images and sharing which make it most popular among the travelers. If you want to show off your hotel’s property and catch your customers’ attention, then this would be an amazing platform. Some essentials to dominate this platform are top quality images, quotes, running contests and tips for tagging. Besides, you should devise effective strategies that work.

Here are some ways that you use to double your hotel’s direct bookings with this powerful platform:-

Usage of Hashtags

If we talk about Hashtags, they make the posts more searchable. However, you have to use it with smartness and best strategy. Many experts suggest that if you use 11+ hashtags in your post, you will get the highest interaction. On the other hand, some suggest hoteliers to use 9 hashtags per post for the highest engagement post.

Engage Your Customers with a Story

Every hotelier should try to engage their prospective customers with engaging content. You can share real-time media on Instagram for example, anything interesting activity happening in the hotel, holding a conference or any renovation you have done. You can share them all.

Check Out Your Competitors Profile Page

One of the best ways to boost engagement and get more followers is to check out other hotels Instagram pages and know what strategies they are adopting to keep their customers engaged. This will help you devise the right strategy.

Share Nearby Photos

Is your hotel located near to major tourist destinations? What businesses or top restaurants are situated close to your place? Just share their photos on this platform. Even, you can share spectacular views of the city from your hotel.

Run Contests

Running contests on Instagram is the best way to increase user engagement. Just you have to figure out what giveaway can entice your target audience. You can also ask your audience to give votes on their favorite photos. By doing so, you can not only get more followers but also customers.

Do Cross Promotions

If you have a partnership with clubs or local businesses, then just promote their businesses on your hotel Instagram page. In return, they can favor you. Cross-promoting is the best way to get higher exposure and generate quality leads for all.

Apart from this, you should have your hotel website link in your bio. Also, make sure all the Instagram photos are clicked with the right angle and excellent lighting. If you don’t have any idea on how to do marketing on Instagram, just approach Websrefresh professionals to promote your hotel!

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