In the hospitality industry, it is important for hoteliers to develop deep connections with their guests. Your hotel is a home away from home for every guest and you must ensure that they feel welcomed and comfortable. You need to look at things from the perspective of your guests so that you can anticipate their needs and improve their overall experience. Here are a few guidelines to market your hotel empathetically.

Hire Staff With A Higher Emotional Quotient Or EQ

Guests want people who are empathetic. Therefore, you should start by recruiting emotionally intelligent employees. Thoughtfulness and empathy should be part of the requirements that you outline in your expectations. Inquire from referees about how the candidates demonstrated kindness in a difficult situation. Your guests will love coming back to the hotel when they know that they will be attended to by empathetic staff.

Approach Guests In A Consistent Manner

When training your staff, the use of names should be a protocol for both guests and staff. Your employees should introduce themselves by their first name when talking to guests on the telephone. They should always address the guests by their surname and title directly and whenever they are in conversation with other employees. For instance, “Emily, could you show Dr. Cooper her room?” Your staff should never refer to guests by their room number.

Offer Personalized Services

You should always encourage your employees to personalize their welcome. Guests feel welcome and more at home when they receive personalized services or attention. You should also find out the purpose of a guest staying in your hotel and ensure that their room is prepared accordingly. For example, for a young family with children, you can offer a box of toys to keep the kids busy. For newlyweds on their honeymoon, a bottle of champagne can make a huge difference. Ensure to let them know that you have specifically organized the extra services for them so that they do not think that these items are offered in every room.

Keep Track Of Your Customers’ Preferences

You should keep records of the likes and dislikes of your guests on your booking system. This way, you will have a record of it whenever they book in the future. This is crucial, especially if guests have enjoyed or complained about something during their stay. You can also make notes of the purpose of their travel and this will be your talking point when they visit again.

Be Loyal To Regular Guests

You should take extra care of your regular guests. If they have requested for a specific newspaper or extra towels, ensure that they find them in their room on their next visit. Be sure to draw their attention by always mentioning the extras you have provided when they check in. The little things you do for loyal guests will make them come back again and again.

When you empathetically market your hotel to guests, you create a deeper connection that can breed loyalty. Be sure to talk to guests, connect with them and gather feedback to get a better understanding of their concerns, preferences, and needs. This way, you will be able to personalize your services and guarantee a better guest experience. Keep the above tips in mind and market your hotel as the smart hotelier that you are.

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