How to Encourage Your Guests to Refer Their Friends to Your Hotel

How to Encourage Your Guests to Refer Their Friends to Your Hotel

Hotel businesses need to advertise their business to grab the attention of prospective customers. However, you must ensure that your hospitality business has a great reputation so that guests who stay there can keep recommending it to friends and family. Many people are likely to stay in a hotel that is recommended by someone that they trust. Here are ways in which you can encourage guest referrals. 

Ask for referrals
If guests have had a positive experience in your hotel, you can ask them to refer you. This is a free and simple way of getting more clients for your hotel business. Your front desk staff can politely request guests to recommend your establishment. This can be done when guests are checking out or you can send them a follow-up email asking for referrals. 

Offer discounts
Guests love feeling appreciated and saving money and they will always remember hotels that offer gift cards and discounts to loyal customers. You can encourage referrals by providing discounted prices to people on your guest program. Most people are likely to come back and they will also refer your business to their friends and family. 

Give guests a reason to talk about your business
Guests will not say good things about your hotel unless you meet and exceed their expectations. Therefore, you need to do something unique and exceptional that will remain ingrained in their minds for a long time. Identify things that your guests value so that you can provide them with added value and keep them talking about your hotel. 

Make referring easy for your guests
You should make your hotel referral programs readily available to your customers. Make it easy for them to share your hotel products and services and even refer your brand. Guests may not know that you have a referral program in place if you do not tell them about it. Having a tab or button on your homepage will encourage guests to join the program and enjoy the benefits. Prominently featuring your program is essential to getting guests to refer.

You will reap immense benefits if you invest time and effort into your hotel’s referral program. You will gain customers who generate extra business for you by referring your business to their colleagues, family, and even friends. This will result in increased bookings, higher revenues, and better revenue numbers. 

Nimesh Dinubhai

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