How to Encourage Your Guests Write Reviews on Facebook

In the digital world, most of the travelers conduct research online before booking accommodation. In fact, they make their booking decision after checking out online reviews and get recommendations from the people they know. So, being a hotelier, if you don’t put best efforts to convince your guests to leave reviews on social media websites especially Facebook, then you may lose a golden opportunity to get more hotel bookings and hence, it may affect on your business. It doesn’t matter if you are an owner of a small hotel or a chain of hotels, you should encourage your customers to leave their feedback. This will help you get higher ranking in local search and drive more web traffic.

But now the question is ‘how to convince guests to share their feedback on Facebook?’ Here, we bring to you some valuable tips that work.

Tip #1: Ask Customers Directly

The best way is to ask your customers to share their feedback before they leave. Most of the customers are pleased to leave a review when requested. If you want to approach them smartly, just put a tablet/iPad on the reception and keep the browser ready and invite the guests who are about to check out.

Tip #2: Send Request Through Email

You may have email addresses of your guests. So, you have to just make a small effort to send them a mail after their visit to your place, requesting them to leave reviews. Even, you can streamline this process with some online tools.

Tip #3: Ask on Social Media

Connecting with old customers on Facebook and asking them to share their experience with your business is also the best option. However, you will have to open for criticism too. But you can build up a large number of reviews with this method.

Tip #4: Activate Your Review Tab on Facebook Page

If you are on Facebook, then you may notice that you can write reviews on some business pages. The reason is that they might not have activated this feature. For turning on this feature, you have to follow the below steps:-

Click on page settings -> Scroll down in general section -> Enable radio button ‘Allow visitors to review this page -> Save Changes

Hope above-mentioned tips will suffice to encourage guests to leave their reviews on Facebook. Besides, you should respond to every review. Even once you see any negative review, don’t delete it and just give a solution to the problem. If you don’t have enough time to manage your Facebook page, then you can approach Websrefresh.

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