How To Find The Best Website Audit Consultant For Your Hotel Website?

A website audit is a process that will give you detailed analysis into how your hotel site performs ranging from designing to user experience, technical details to non-technical things. By conducting it, you will come to know what changes are needed for higher website traffic, improved rankings, email sign-ups, and return on investment. Today, many hoteliers don’t get enough time to conduct different activities of site audit and thus, they prefer to hire a consultant to perform the task. If you are on the same boat, then you should look out for the best consultant who can conduct this task more efficiently. Here’s how you can find the right person to analyze your website:-

Understand Challenges

First of all, you need to know what are the challenges you’re facing such as you are not getting more direct bookings or the performance of your website is not good. Thereafter, you should check out how your consultant or agency can help you overcome these challenges.

Ask for 1 or 2 Insights of Your Website

Before hiring anyone, you should ask from him for 1 or 2 insights of your website including opinions and benchmarks on your website presence along with other analysis reports.

Check Testimonials

Read testimonials shared by their previous clients to ensure whether your consultant is serious about your business growth or not. It will also ensure that he gives the right and clear reporting monthly on the site’s progress regardless of good or bad.

Overall Experience

Every hotelier should hire a consultant who has vast experience in the industry. Also, ensure whether he keeps himself updated on the latest industry trends, practices and changes. He should also aware of the latest updates about search engine algorithms.

Implement New Ideas

What’s more, you should hire a professional who can bring new ideas with his overall experience and outside perspective. No one knows about your target audience than you. So, he should effectively communicate with you on what are new keywords.

Hope the above-mentioned tips will suffice to find out the right website audit consultant. If you are looking for a good consultant in the Phoenix area, then you can approach Websrefresh that specializes in this area. The company is known for offering a full spectrum of web services to the hotel industry that includes online marketing, branding, responsive web design, website design, etc. Contact them today to discuss about your project!

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