How To Follow Up With Subscribers Who Don\’t Open Your Emails

Creating an email list is essential for email marketing. However, it is not guaranteed that all the subscribers on your mailing list will open your emails, which is why you should take action to analyze and follow up with those who don’t. So, how exactly should one do that without driving off the client?

Step 1: Set up an effective email tracking system

The very first step in this follow-up process is effective analysis. Luckily, this has been made easy and highly effective through the use of email marketing software. When choosing your email marketing software, you should check to make sure that it has a feature that allows you to track whether the emails were received, opened, classified as spam and so on.

Step 2: Create a periodic list

Since it is possible for a recipient to miss a couple of emails, you should establish a periodic list to determine which clients are completely disengaged from the email campaign. For instance, check to see whether the recipient opened any of the emails sent after subscription, whether the recipient stopped opening emails after a certain period and how many emails the client hasn’t opened. Setting a specific timeline or period allows you time to exhaustively analyze the results and determine your best course of action.

Step 3: Target the listed subscribers with a different campaign

Much as you have gotten to this point in your analysis, it is still impossible to determine whether the clients just don’t want to open your emails or whether they don’t see any benefit in doing so. You need to establish the difference to determine your way forward. In this new email marketing campaign for this group of recipients, re-engage them by making offers that they cannot refuse, asking for feedback and such. This way, if an individual is still not responding, you can take a different marketing avenue that does not utilize emails.

Step 4: Personalize the new campaign

Most of the bulk emails that are sent out to subscribers lack the personal tone that draws other people to them. As such, it is quite easy to lose subscribers since they often feel neglected and undervalued. To avoid this, make the emails as personal as possible. Even though you might not be able to handle all the emails personally, find a way to automate personal emails regularly to keep them engaged.

Step 5: Request and act on feedback

To avoid a recurrence of the same unfortunate scenario, ask the recipients of your mailing list for feedback. The question could be open-ended where the recipient just provides feedback on everything or in a questionnaire format that asks specific questions. Either way, review the feedback and act on it and to increase the effectiveness of your mailing list, you can even include the contributor of the feedback in the action plan by issuing updates on how the addressed issue is being handled.

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