The New Year will always be a time for relaxation and joy for everyone. Hoteliers must be excited and creative during this time. Hotels should offer unique travel experiences, something that travelers would easily buy as they just come out of the festive Christmas mood. Here are ways that hotels can get creative with New Year offers post COVID.

Supplier Promotions

Hoteliers should get in touch with their suppliers and discover the kinds of promotions they can possibly pass on to their guests during the New Year. You can team up and offer a special discount from the wine supplier or a gift hamper on New Year’s Eve from your toiletries supplier. You can also get suppliers to hold workshops at the hotel, for instance a chocolate or wine tasting session or bread making or flower arranging workshop.

Personalize Promotional Offers

If your feel that you are not really getting more new bookings, then your offers may not be irresistible. You need to send one-of-a-kind deals for the New Year into your guests’ email inboxes.  Hoteliers need to make their guests feel that their experiences with them is personal to help build loyalty. This experience usually starts with booking.

Early Bird Promotions

Hoteliers should use early bird promotions to encourage guests to book in advance. With these incentives, you can be confident that your hotel will not be forgotten after people conduct the initial research phase. This will give you a better chance of guests booking then and there.  You can just offer special discounts for those who book early and offer plenty of other options that guests can consider.

Offer Direct Booking Discounts

As we enter the New Year, hotels can increase their bookings by enticing their website or social media visitors to book with them directly. This approach will bring you more business and it will help you save lots of cash by eliminating OTA commission fees. You can offer a discount at the hotel bar or restaurant, a bottle of wine, or even 10% off their booking. With New Year offers, you are as limited as your imagination.

Loyalty Programs

Very few hoteliers take advantage of loyalty programs because they are effective in encouraging repeat customers. The incentives provided are a great way of keeping guests coming back to your hotel. With loyalty programs, most guests are keen on building and claiming their reward points and this gives you more chances to sell. Give loyalty rewards to your guests during the New Year and ensure it is something that has real value to the guests, but still delivers profits. Your New Year offers can be an extra free night for guests that book at least two nights.

Most hotel business plans for New Year offers will financially related scenarios. However, hoteliers need to plan for unusual scenarios. Based on the actual events we are currently experiencing, hoteliers need to make plans that address specific situations that may come up in the next 12 months. This includes resurgence of COVID-19, additional equipment and tools for workers, decreased bookings, employees contracting coronavirus, and more. By having a long term strategy that incorporated different scenarios, hotels will navigate any hurdles with ease if they occur.

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