Google My Business (GMB) listing is one of the easiest ways for hotels to gain traffic and new customers. GMB helps hotels to list their business’ operating information, posts, reviews, and much more. GMB is a free tool that is implausibly beneficial to hotels and something that should be considered a necessity. GMB makes that connection that hotels need for prospective guests to find your hotel property. Here are 6 tips to help you get calls from your hotel’s Google listing.

Encourage Reviews

One of the best ways of growing your hotel’s GMB profile and getting daily calls is through reviews. They cost nothing but they can raise your hotel’s profile to organic searchers. Weeding through a large selection of local hotels can be a challenge for people who have never stayed in a hotel before. You are not sure whether the claims made on the hotels’ website are accurate because you have no confirmation about the amenities or hotel services. In this case, your hotel needs GMB reviews to raise the local searches. Travelers looking for hotels in your area are likely to trust your business if they see 10 to 15 reviews in the five to four-star area.

Post Updates, News, and Special Offers

If you want daily calls from your Google listing, ensure that information on your hotel’s Google my Business profile is accurate and up-to-date, for instance, contact information, hotel address, check-in and check-out hours, etc. be sure to edit this information in case anything changes. Hoteliers can also create posts for their hotel businesses to inform guests of new offers, updates, and events. These posts will keep your profile fresh, encourage visits to your hotel, and drive bookings.

Upload As Many Photos As Possible

Hoteliers need to upload photos of the inside and outside of their hotel property. You can also use photos of your team members or amenities, or services you offer. This is a great way of helping travelers identify your hotel while searching. They may have seen your hotel property before and will find you with ease without a reference. This will also give a great first impression to new guests finding your hotel through search and will send a clear, positive message.

Respond to Any Negative Reviews

Hotels need to preempt any negative GMB reviews before they occur or diligently respond to bad reviews that come through. You must dig into your hotel business to ensure that everything is running smoothly. You should cater to your guests at all times and if anything goes wrong, be understanding and address it without hesitation to ensure everyone is happy.  When negative reviews of your hotel appear online, you should reach out to these clients to empathize with them and apologize. This will show the public that your hotel cares about your customers even after they leave your property.

Do Not Leave Any Questions Unanswered

The Questions and Answers feature is one of the potentially time-consuming but positive functions of your hotel’s Google My Business if handled well. This section is useful since it allows hoteliers to respond to questions from potential hotel guests. Ensure that your answers are informative and detailed enough. If an individual asks about your hotel’s check-in or check-out times, give an answer and refer them to your hotel website or contact your front desk for more information.

Track Guests Paths Through Google My Business Insights

Hoteliers need to measure the impact of their hotel’s Google My Business listing. Google has inbuilt tools that can help you with this. With Google My Business Insights, you can discover how customers are finding your hotel, where on Google guests are finding your listing, the actions they are taking on your listing, where your customers live, total phone calls, and the time guests are calling, and many more. With all this information, you can track your guests’ conversion path and offer a comprehensive understanding of your visitors’ actions before reaching your hotel website.


If you want to boost the number of daily calls from your Google listing, you need to keep these tips in mind. GMB helps hotels with local SEO, offers an opportunity to engage with customers through posts and reviews, and provides useful insights into your guest’ booking paths. This is a free and valuable tool that every hotelier should embrace regardless of the size of their hotel property.

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