One of the most persistent challenges that most hoteliers face is achieving full occupancy. As we enjoy the Christmas holiday, this is the time that hotels need to boost their occupancy rates and guarantee a full house. The best thing is to put yourself in the shoes of your guests and take the time to understand their journey. Hoteliers must get closers to their guests’ requirements, understand where they are likely to find your hotel, and develop strategies that will put your hotel ahead of competition. Here are 21 tips to help you achieve full occupancy in 2021.

  1. Target the right people or market. Hoteliers should delve into hotel data and determine the exact data they need to target.
  2. Customize promotions and hotel packages to appeal to your target market.
  3. Partner with large businesses and corporates to increase hotel room occupancy
  4. Make the most of any cultural festivals and events or Christmas and New Year to promote your hotel and boost occupancy.
  5. Provide different discount offers for business travelers, group travelers, students, children below a specified age, etc. this will give you a reason to attract various types of guests.
  6. Get started with some awesome loyalty programs perks for your long-term guests to increase room occupancy in 2021.
  7. Make your hotel property as inclusive as you can so that it can be welcoming to your guests and they will make reservations for their holiday.
  8. Give guests an opportunity to host events at your property be it a wedding, a business meet, family get-together, a birthday party based on the size of your hotel property.
  9. Create a buzz around the locality and not just your hotel. People may be forced to make reservations if you showcase the places of interests around your hotel.
  10. Come up with packages that are customized to the needs of your guests, discounts, adds-ons, or planning a day tour for clients to visit the beautiful sceneries and attraction sites in your locality.
  11. Make your hotel accessible for differently-abled guests and wheelchair handy for older guests.
  12. Offer something that will set your hotel apart from the noise. You need to have one thing that guests are unlikely to find anywhere else in the vicinity. For instance, having a hotel theme like the 1950s or pop culture theme like Star Wars-based or Lord of the Rings
  13. Engage audiences online to build trust with prospects by responding to queries posted by visitors, being active on hotel review websites, and posting frequently on social media platforms.
  14. Collaborate with local tourist attractions and submit editorials or advertisements to websites and newspapers in population centers within your vicinity to promote your hotel and what it offers guests for the holiday season.
  15. Manage your hotel’s online reputation by getting as many positive reviews as possible. This will bring more people to your hotel and will boost your occupancy rates.
  16. Develop mailing lists of your best customers and contact them regularly with 2021 offers and promotions.
  17. Tempt your guests to extend their stay longer by providing discount deals in the pre-stay emails and in person when checking out.
  18. Offer Christmas breaks as pries in Facebook competitions to increase hotel occupancy.
  19. Collect feedback to help you know what guests want in 2021 so that you can improve guest experience and boost your occupancy rate.
  20. Modern hoteliers that want to boost their hotel room occupancy should embrace technology and invest in hotel software. Hotel software will help your hotel in improving customer satisfaction, revenues, worker happiness, and boost occupancy rates.
  21. Offer ‘2for1’ meal rates. You can offer free desserts or drinks for 2021 visitors through social media posts and newspaper advertising.

These 21 tips will help to boost your hotel room occupancy rates because they are practical and effective. Even though things may not change overnight, you can be confident of achieving full occupancy when you take small steps in the right direction. Be sure to have an understanding of your target audience as it will help you know what to do to boost your occupancy rates.


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