Google My Business or GMB is one of the most effective free marketing tool that every hotel and resort should use. Google My Business incorporates Google maps, enhances your search ranking, and ensures that your clients find your hotel first. Setting up GMB is crucial for every hotelier because it helps properties to manage their business information on a highly-used and vast platform making it easier to reach out to clients. This is a great tool that hotels should use to interact with potential guests. Here are ways that hotels can optimize their local Google Business Listing.

Update your Hotel’s Google Listing

Your GMB listing should have the latest information about your hotel business. Ensure that you deliver accurate and up-to-date information about your business hours, phone number, address, and website URL. Your Google My Business listing is the main source of information regarding your hotel business to users. Therefore, ensure that it has accurate information related to your hotel. A good example is the Omni King Edward Hotel below.

Post Many Pictures

You can make your hotel’s Google My Business listing look extremely appealing by posting lots of beautiful photos of the hotel. Apart from pictures, you can also add a video that is up to 100mbs and 30 seconds. Ensure that your video is engaging just like your main hotel image and it should make your hotel recognizable to the masses. Be sure to get pictures of your hotel at different seasons or times of the day. This way, potential clients will easily spot your hotel in real life.

Build up your FAQ’s

Your hotel FAQs usually appear on the listing that is under the reviews. Ensure that you check these every day and be responsive to the questions. Additionally, if you can reply, you must check for any misinformation. If an individual asks a question that looks very important and you believe that it will encourage or benefit other people, you should “upvote” it. This will move this question up on your Q&A listing.

Reply to Reviews

Google hotel reviews are becoming quite a popular selection tool since it is more immediate and snappier compared to TripAdvisor. If you are good at advertising your hotel and provide the best hospitality services, customer reviews are a powerful.  Check out a sample review summary for a hotel.

Never Leave Questions Unanswered

The questions function of your GMB is one of the positive functions if it is performed well. This super useful function allows hoteliers to respond to questions from prospective guests and it humanized your hotel business. Usually, when people leave questions, you will get an email notification and this makes prioritization quite easy. You can also check the google Maps app or even search for listings in a mobile browser to check whether you have any questions.

When responding to questions from potential clients, avoid using simple yes or no answers. You need to leave an informative and detailed response for your potential guests. For example, if an individual asks about your hotel’s check in and check out times, be sure to give them the answer and then provide a phone number if they have any additional questions. Keep in mind that on your Google My Business listing anyone can answer the questions left there. This is why you need to review the listing frequently to ensure that potential gets only see correct answers.

Setting up your Google My Business Listing for your hotel is very simple. All you need to do is open a Google account and follow the steps. You will mainly be entering and verifying information first and then post pictures and monitor your FAQs and reviews. This is a free platform that can help you increase your hotel bookings and boost your bottom line.

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