How to Make Use of Instagram for Hotels and Bookings

Apart from a hotel website, Instagram is now becoming one of the best ways of marketing your hotel and increasing your bookings. This is because it helps you to tell the unique story of your property and share it with a large audience. Images are a great way of convincing guests to stay at your hotel and boosting customer loyalty. Here are ways that you can use Instagram for your hotel.

Develop A Good Strategy

There are thousands of hotels out there and you need to find out what makes your hotel unique and special. Determine whether your guests enjoy its perfect location, special amenities, and comfortable guest rooms and present these to the world. Make your property stand out with the best Instagram content including hashtags and images that will give people an idea of what it would be like to stay at your hotel.

Use Sponsored Posts To Reach A Bigger Audience

Sponsored posts by Instagram influencers are a perfect way of exposing your hotel to a larger audience. Look for large Instagram accounts that cater to your demographic and reach out to profiles that match what you are promoting. When picking an influencer, always consider the quality of their followers and not just the number. You can also use Instagram’s ad platform by creating photos, carousel ads or video ads of your property and its surroundings.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories allow businesses or individuals to post a story that consists of a short video or image for 24 hours. Instagram stories will give prospective guests a real-time look at your hotel. Give your followers a quick peek into what is going on in your hotel, for instance, if you are hosting a conference, business meeting or party. This will remind guests to consider your hotel whenever they need a venue for any meeting or party.

Use Hashtags To Connect With Followers

Instagram users use hashtags to connect with specific content across this social media platform. Individuals and businesses use hashtags in their Insta posts to connect users who are looking for content on a certain term. Be sure to create your own hashtags and also use hashtags of the general search terms to make it easy for guests to find your hotel as they use this platform.

Using Instagram can be a great way of boosting the direct revenue of your website. Take time to familiarize yourself with this platform to find ways of marketing your hotel. Small changes may be just what you need to take your hotel to the next level.

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