In our current fast-paced world, people are looking for instant results with everything including booking hotels. Most people get impatient when your website takes more than five seconds to load. This is why every hotelier needs to optimize their hotel website to help them generate more sales. Implement the following tips on your hotel website today and watch your bookings increase over time.

Have a Simple Homepage That Does Not Overwhelm Your Audience

For most hoteliers, this may come as a surprise because most of them assume that their homepage should offer as much as possible to give visitors a variety of options. However, offering fewer products or services on the homepage with text describing a specified topic will boost your booking rates. Your hotel will focus on a few specific services and answer all questions that your guests may have.  For example, the Langham Hotel in Chicago has a stunning and simple homepage that uses emotive text that makes guests picture themselves staying in that specific hotel. This encourages guests to click through and explore the website and book instead of bounce.

Display Clear Calls-To-Action

When visitors check your hotel homepage, your main goal is for them to make reservations. Therefore, your homepage should have a clearly visible and easily accessible call-to-action. Hoteliers need to clearly display their availability and the Book Now button to ensure that guests are not confused and end up clicking away. The last thing that any hotelier wants is guests not making reservations because they end up getting lost on the website.  An example, is the Swissotel website that has neatly separated banners that make their site look clean and neat. The blankness of their CTA position also makes their web page layout clearly contrasted and caters to the reading habits of users.

Install Live Chat

The best way to boost your website booking is by using live chat tools. They can also be used to address questions that guests on your hotel website may have. Live chats tools are more likely to be used by your visitors when compared to contact forms because they provide immediate feedback. Hotels can benefit immensely from Live Chat and can use it to gather email addresses. An example of a well done live chat is from ST Moritz. They have a chat that is available directly on the website and guests can ask whatever questions they have regarding the hotel and get instant feedback.

Reduce Friction in the Booking Process

Many guests abandon their booking when they feel frustrated with long processes that requires lots of details. This is why hoteliers need to reduce friction in their booking process if they want to boost their conversion rates.  You need to make it much easier for your visitors to actually book a room in your hotel. You can achieve this by eliminating unnecessary steps in the checkout process that can dissuade prospects from converting. Avoid timing out clients and making them start from the beginning again and avoid unnecessary fields in your forms. An example is the Urban Chic hotel website that has a responsive layout that keeps their CTA in the visual focus of the user. The room preview, online booking, and site navigation are clearly noticeable for users and this can guide them to open the website quickly and conveniently.

Build Trust with Testimonials, Case Studies, and Associations

Most hoteliers already know the importance of social proof, however, if your website does not promote customer trust, then you are definitely missing out on its benefits. You can convince visitors to choose your website by incorporating things like images of your hotel staff, customer testimonials, and case studies regarding your services or products. Getting much accreditation helps to boost your hotel’s reputation online.

Create a Sense of Urgency

When it comes to your hotel and what you do, you need to be transparent and open about it. However, there are no rules that are against creating a sense of urgency to encourage people to make reservations with your hotel. Most people respond positively to hotel deals and incentives that create a sense of urgency from limited-edition packages to time-sensitive special offers.  The Palladio website has added a direct booking promotion on their website that compels guests to make reservations.

The primary goal for most hotels large or small is to increase their online booking. Whether you are a chain of hotels or a small motel, boosting your online bookings looks easier that it seems. And with every hotel trying to be the best on the internet, competition is stiff and you must always stay ahead of the competition. The above-mentioned strategies will help you boost your online bookings and increase your hotel revenue.

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