How to Make Your Hotel Guests Write Facebook Reviews

Facebook reviews are more relevant than ever. In recent times, potential customers are proactively seeking information about the experiences of previous guests in researching hotels.

Reviews on websites like Facebook play a significant role in getting new customers to book. The more reviews available, the more trustworthy a hotel will appear.

Your hotel reputation has a direct impact on the number of reviews received from your guest. With a lot at stake, how can you get your hotel guest write an excellent Facebook review?

Here are three most powerful tips to make your hotel guests write Facebook Review. These are used by hotel managers to encourage more guest reviews:


Give your guests something to rave about. Before you get your guest to write a Facebook review, make sure you create an experience worth sharing. Remarkable means worth remarking about. Does your hotel guest experience live up to that? What features or amenities did you offer that would get people talking?


Other powerful ways to get your hotel guest write a Facebook review is to ask for them. The best time to ask is when the job is complete, and you’re still with them. While excitement and satisfaction still in the air about your service, ask for a Facebook review.

Don’t be scared to say to clients, ‘Hey, if we helped you, we’d be grateful if you let people know by writing a Facebook review. Do this as soon as possible so that their hotel stay is still fresh in their minds.


A great percentage of satisfied customers will take the time and make an effort to write a Facebook review, but more significant percentage are more likely to do so when you pave the way and make the process as convenient as possible.

If you meet with customers in person, give out business cards that list your Facebook URL so that it’s easy for them to locate your page and write a review.

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