The uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult for businesses, including hotels, to plan for reopening. However, it is important for hoteliers to have a plan for reopening so that they can keep their facilities safe and ready for guests. With the right strategies in place, you can be assured of an efficient and immediate recovery after the pandemic. Here are a few tips to help you out.

New hygiene standards

Hotels always adhere to high hygiene standards at all times. However, because of Covid-19, guests will demand excellent hygiene processes in all areas of the hotel. This means that everything should be safe and sanitized at all times, from the halls, rooms, and lounges, to the elevators and commonly touched surfaces like doorknobs. The World Health Organization recommends the use of disposable materials and advises against the use clothes or absorbent materials in the hotel sector.

Protecting guests against Covid-19

Every individual is learning about and using protection gear. Therefore, hotels must invest in facemasks and personal protective equipment and ensure they are readily available. Hotels must also install dispensers with sanitizing gel in different areas of the facility so that guests can wash their hands anytime.

Rethink your spaces

Every hotel must find the best solutions to continue providing services to guests while allowing the right distance. Therefore, it is important for hoteliers to remodel their spaces and think about implementing protective measures where necessary and use outdoor spaces whenever possible. This will ensure that guests enjoy themselves without having to worry about social distancing.

Cancellation Policy

During this Covid-19 period, we have learned that anything can happen at any time. Therefore, after the lockdown, it is best that hotels amend their cancellation policy. Guests must be allowed to cancel their hotel reservations at any time and without incurring any loss.

The daily life of people across the globe has changed in a significant way in the last few months. Therefore, hotels must adapt their operations to the “new normal” after the pandemic. This means that whatever used to work effectively in the last few weeks no longer cuts it. For example, people are becoming more aware of social distancing and personal hygiene and your hotel must take these into consideration. Hoteliers need to know the most important changes that should be made in their hotels so that they can position themselves to adapt and enhance their future growth.

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