How to Revive Your Online Selling After a Holiday

Every hotelier usually has the same fear of sales and bookings dropping after the holiday season. However, your profit margins do not have to change after every holiday. This is because there are things that you can do to prevent the post-holiday sales blues. Here are a few tips to revive your sales after a holiday.

Retarget Seasonal Customers
After the holiday season ends, you need to have more data at your fingertips, including order histories, email addresses, wish lists, and abandoned carts. You should use this information to engage with clients that you have already engaged with in the past. Entice guests to come back to your hotel using personalized and relevant advertising, email content, and social media.

Launch Something New
January is an excellent time for hotels to release a new service or product. While other marketers and hoteliers are busy recovering from the holiday buzz, restocking their inventory, and analyzing their sales data, you can take a better approach and grab the spotlight by unveiling something new. People will be enticed to visit your website or hotel without you having to slash your prices. Furthermore, people will be inclined to the new product or services because of the New Year’s mentality of everything being new.

Start Another Sale
Just after the holiday promos, freebies, coupons, and discounts are over you should get ready to do this again. Many hotel guests will choose your brand, not because of the holiday season alone, but also for the discounts you are offering them. Therefore, you can prevent a slump in your bookings and profits by continuing discounts and bargain offers. Keep in mind that your customers are not tired of discounted bookings or sales, even if your marketers are tired.

Avoid Going Quiet
After the holiday season, most hoteliers and marketers are exhausted. However, your customers are still there, and they are listening. Therefore, when everyone in the industry seems quiet, you should let your brand get loud by keeping the blogs, emails, and promotions flowing. As a result, you will be the voice that many guests will listen to more. Your hotel business needs to continue making a profit, and business should get better irrespective of the season.

This year, instead of your hotel succumbing to the holiday slump, you can take things to a whole new level. Start the after holiday months with better bookings and profits instead of a nosedive. By putting the tips mentioned above to practice, your hotel will recover quickly from the sales slump and get back to its feet with ease.

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Vimal Bhakta

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