How to Use Twitter for a Powerful Hotel Brand Awareness Campaign

Today, most successful hotels have a social media strategy, regularly including a Twitter presence. This micro-blogging platform is effective, powerful and a resourceful tool to use.

Whether your business is struggling to attain success or is fading into insignificance, you can use Twitter to reach your customers and enhance brand awareness.

Choose an Attractive Name

Choosing a captivating name or persona for your Twitter account is imperative. Though they may describe your business, names like @TheProfessionalCapenteryCompany or @DowntownServices won’t do the job. For one thing, these names are long, boring and conventional. They are also too complicated to remember.

Instead, choose a professional name that your prospective customers and enthusiasts will be able to remember and refer to a name that is so alluring that Twitter people (or “tweeters”) cannot stop clicking the “Follow”! Do not lose your authority and include at least a part of your company name – or a shortened version – but above all, let it be brief.

Names like @QuickTech for an IT company and @ 124Finance for new financial firms are catchy and attractive, easy to remember, professional and tell stories about what they do.
Harness the power of Hastags

Before a keyword with the number sign (#) – also known as the “brand” symbol – transformed it into what is known on Twitter (and other social networks) as a hashtag. It is used according to Twitter, “to mark keywords or topics in a tweet.”

When you create a hashtag, you contribute to the classification of your tweet so that it can be found easily without stress, making it not only easier for people to find your tweets, but can also boost your follower’s engagement.

You can use existing and popular hashtags, create your own account, or jump on another person’s train and use a trending tag to attract people to your posts and messages. Be careful though – excessive use of hashtags can make your tweets difficult to read!
Top Notch and Relevant Content

Sharing top-notch content is the backbone of a successful social marketing campaign. On the other hand, it is important to distinguish between the quality content that your followers want and repetitive marketing or promotional material that you think is vital to them.

The worst thing that can be done on Twitter is spam people with the same irritating messages all the time.

Tweet about your latest offers, but with a blend of industry news, customer responses and helpful tips. Remember to limit personal judgment and humour as they can cause a lot of problems if your readers misunderstand or strongly disagree!
Master Writing Headlines

Twitter is all about simplicity. The 140 character limit means it has to be precise and to the point. This also means that most people do not have the time to stop and read all tweets – they scan through their timeline and only stop to read or click on items that look interesting.

More than 400 million tweets are published every day. If the title of your content is not appealing, it will rush down in the flood of tweets and no one will see it. You can also post the same tweet two or three times at different times of the day and night, to make sure it is unique on more timelines.

It is also essential that you perfect your headline-writing skills to draw attention and attract readers to your messages.

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