How to Use Weekends for More Engagement in Hotel’s Social Media Marketing

Social media provides the ideal platforms that allow you to create more awareness about your hotel brand. You can use these platforms to get users to try out the services that you offer. Social media marketing is a vital tool in today’s world as many people use it. For successful social media marketing, you should have a great strategy that will work.

Weekends provide the best time for social media marketing for any establishment. As an entertainment point, you should encourage travelers and other users to drop in and partake of your services. The weekend is the best time as many people need to unwind after a busy week. You should therefore take advantage of this and reach out to them over social media platforms.

Promote Relevant Events and Activities

Take advantage of the free time that many people have to entice them with events and activities. The activities and events should be relevant to suit the weekend spirit. For example, a musical festival or another fun activity would entice a person who had no prior plans to make his or her way to your establishment.

Apart from relevance, be sure to use the best wording and techniques that will attract attention to your posts, as well as create an interest in the readers to want to visit your establishment. It is not just enough to post; the post should also elicit the reaction you need, which is to have people coming into your establishment.

You can give discount vouchers and other prizes for the people who will respond to your posts. You can also find other ways to make your content attractive, such as using videos.

Share Content That Your Guests have Posted

Encourage users to postonline about their time at the establishment. You can also encourage them to link your social media pages in their posts. The strategy can also include the use of creative hash-tags that will fan more activity on your social media pages. You will create a way for people already on your establishment to spread the word on your behalf.

You can also encourage the hotel guests and patrons by offering promotions that revolve around social medial use. You can promise a free drink or other complimentary gifts that people love. By retweeting, sharing or reacting to the guests’ posts, you will also encourage themas well as others to post more.

By having an interactive social media session with your guests, they will feel better appreciated. You can reach even more people by encouraging those already there to share their posts.

Ride on Trending Topics and Hashtags To Reach Your Audience

Social media marketing requires broad use of available opportunities. Trending topics and hashtags where you will find your target audience is one way to reach them. When making such bold moves, you should take care not to have it blow in your face. Choose topics that are relevant to your niche. You should also be creative in your content in such instances. The content should not look forced and it should be in line with the topic or hashtag. Even if you are promoting an event or activity, it should be in a manner that will not look out of place.

In conclusion, you should use the social media pages to hype any action you take in your hotel, which would attract people to come see for themselves. The right use of social media marketing over the weekends should see guests coming over to take part in the exciting activities that you have to offer.

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