How to Write a Perfect about Page for Your Hotel Website

Do you know what kind of people is visiting your About Us page? Do you know them? Most likely, they are potential customers considering booking your hotel. About us page is the opportunity to tell the world why your hotel is one of the best. Why they should come and stay at your hotel when they are visiting your city? However, you will need to do it tactfully. So, here are some of the best tips:

Use facts!

Whenever you are writing your About Us Page, you do not want to say the same things that appear on your Home Page. Avoid bragging or appearing pushy. Instead, just let the customer know about your company. Offer the guests a straightforward presentation of the figures. Don’t mention too many details just the useful facts.

Get personal in your About Us page

Some people write their About Us page as a third party. The readers do not appreciate this approach. Go ahead with the first person or first-person plural depending on which is more appropriate for your situation. This way they can connect to your page.

Forge a connection

Guests love to connect with other people. As you write your About Us page, think about connecting with the visitors, like if you were meeting them in person. Think about how can you engage them and what the targeted audience is able to relate to?

Describe your values

It is important to describe your values in the About Us page. It should describe what your hotel is. Write about your values as well as your principles and explain why the services are important to you. Travelers connect with that hotel which describes the values as the travelers are going to stay with the hotel for quite a few days.

Be fascinating

Nobody wants to go through a boring About Us page. If you want something more engaging, find a hook to capture the attention of the visitors. It is important to write something fascinating so that they are easily attracted to your hotel.

These are some of the tips which will help you write a detailed about us page which intrigue readers. However, if you can’t do it yourself, then you can connect with a professional company and get help. Websrefresh is one of the well-known website design and development company which have a team of experts. Contact them today and find a brilliant solution to your problem.

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