Improve Your Hotel Online Presence With The Best Marketing Strategies

In order to maximize the visibility of the online presence and ranking of any site on search engines, you always need innovative and effective SEO strategies. They are relentlessly making great efforts in this regard since Google is responsible for 88. 50 % of all web searches. In fact, it has proven in the recent survey that Google handles about 2 trillion searches per day. Google also keeps updating its search engine algorithm, making it more difficult for online businesses to receive a higher ranking. This is the main reason why, innovative SEO strategies and practices keep progressing on a constant basis.

To calculate the success of your search engine optimization campaign, estimating organic traffic is very significant. Organic traffic is profitable for all businesses, especially for hotel business. About 39% of web traffic on hotel websites come from organic searches on the Google, which contribute to about 50% hotel revenue. This is why it is very significant for hoteliers to take the services of a reliable search engine optimization company. Moreover, hotel website should be mobile friendly as well because nowadays about 50% of travelers, use their mobile phones for making travel related searches.

So if your website is not mobile friendly you may lose a large number of customers that obviously affect your company revenue. SEO experts are always aware of the nature of the customers and thus they always promote long-tail keywords for their clients. In fact, in the recent analysis of 1.4 billion keywords in the US recovered that about 86.4% customers use long-tail keywords while making searches over the internet. Though, these long-tail keywords are highly precise, they draw more valuable traffic, which directs in more alterations than usual keywords. They can also be utilized in numerous ways by web visitors and web page owners. They are less competitive and as a result assist in improving web traffic.

Nevertheless, it is essential to understand that getting a good page ranking over the internet is not so simple as the search engine already has 200 key ranking signals that makes an algorithm. Therefore, it is significant to give major attention on top Google ranking factors if you really want to uplift your website. Content, links and RankBrain are three most significant factors with which you can improve your online presence effectively. Your content must be relevant and differentiates you from your competitors as it will give your customers a reason to book a room in your hotel.

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Dr. Lisa S. Galper

Upon our initial meeting and request to develop our website, we only had our company’s logo to give as guidance to Websrefresh in Phoenix, Arizona. Websrefresh team were able to develop, transition and grow our brand from a simple sketch to a complete Brand and web presence under a severe time constraint and they launched captivating website within a short period of time. We are impressed with the process and the creative power of Websrefresh! We highly recommend this website company!

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