Nowadays, with over a billion users worldwide, Facebook provides many helpful features that marketers can use to reach their audiences in innovative and highly targeted ways for just a modest investment of time and capital. Below are some tips for hotel marketers on how to get maximum returns from the world’s most popular social networking site.

1. Use Promoted Content and Ads to Reach Out to a Wider Customer Base

Relying only on your hotel’s free Facebook page to reach potential customers won’t work in today’s highly competitive marketplace. If you really want users to learn about your hotel, you’ll have to invest in paid ads. Facebook offers a practical guide on how to develop an effective, focused ad campaign.

Once you determine your precise marketing goal, you can create an ad with a strong call to action, such as asking users to “like” your page, directing them to your hotel’s website, or getting them to take advantage of a special promotion.

2. Use Facebook’s Vast Bank of Demographic Data to Create Targeted Campaigns

Facebook has more data on its users than any other social media platform on the planet. Having greater reach and more resources than most other businesses, Facebook boasts an immense collection of user information that hotels can use to target customers. You can divide your audience into categories like demographics, location, interests, and behaviors, thus allowing you to showcase specific benefits of your hotel based on the types of customers you want to draw.

For example, to market your hotel for the Boston Marathon, you can search for Facebook users who have attended the event in the past or might do so in the future. Or, if you’re trying to sell a low-priced seniors’ package, Facebook can find people in that age group who travel a lot.

3. Combine the Power of Facebook Data with the Visual Appeal of Instagram

These days, Instagram has approximately 500 million monthly users, so why not take advantage of this massive group to engage with potential customers? You can pay for an Instagram ad, which will appear “natively,” meaning the content will be similar to the way other content appears on Instagram feeds. In addition, your Instagram ad will contain a call-to-action link and you’ll be able to post several photos of your hotel in one ad, shown as a gallery.

These are just a few of the many ways hotels can take advantage of the power of Facebook to reach a vast worldwide base of potential customers. Besides these benefits, the company’s website states that advertising on the platform offers opportunities for businesses operating on any advertising budget. So why not try to get as many bookings as possible through Facebook, without spending a ton of money?

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