Is Paid Social Media Advertising The Best Option for Hoteliers to Gain Higher Profits?

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Every webmaster is aware of this fact that social media can do wonders to advertise any business specially hotel. It opens a lot of avenues for businesses as compared to traditional marketing channels. If we talk about television or print ads, they are effective, but they can break your bank and as well, there is no guarantee of success. On the other hand, social media is absolutely free and you have to just make a profile to promote your hotel. To gain prominence over the social media, you just need to write a catchy post which can convert into latest buzz. What’s more, you can boost your posts with paid advertising to reach your target audience. Here are some top reasons on why you should use paid social media advertising over free advertising:-


Get Top Quality Leads


Social networking is one of the great ways to generate leads with online campaigns, online contests or promotions. If we talk about paid advertising, it will help you to target your audience based on their interest, demographics, location, age etc. In this case, conversation will go high.


Create Awareness about Your brand


Every smart social media marketers know very well that social campaigns not only help to increase bookings, but they also aid to create great relationship with the customers. That’s why, most of them use these platforms for brand management. If any customer shares his bad experience on these websites, you can immediately address him/her and give the right solution and keep your guests fully satisfied.


Make Big Announcements


No matter, whether you have just opened a new hotel, relocate your place, or just slashed your prices, you can boost your post visibility with sponsored posts. With paid ads, you can reach the audience who has great interest in your industry. Such campaigns are specially designed to turn visitors into loyal customers.


Drive More Traffic to Your Hotel Website


Paid advertising on social media will not only aid you to increase your fans/followers, but it can also assist to drive higher traffic to your site. You will notice a huge difference from the beginning. What’s more, you can easily find your potential customers through these ads.


Help You Circulate the Right Message to Target Audience


With paid ads, you can easily circulate the right message to the right people who have shown interest in your service. Occasionally, you can give them surprise with lucrative offers or discounts. They will like and share your posts, participate in your contests and get great offers.


Stay Connected with Your Customers


No doubt, customer retention is the key to success in hospitality industry. If a customer has a strong emotional connection with your hotel, then there will be high chances that you will get him back. To make a healthy relationship with your customers, you can take full advantage of social media.


Simply put, compelling social media ads can help you to create brand awareness, drive more traffic to site and get more direct bookings. But you have to adopt the right strategy. If you have shoestring budget, then you can also opt for free advertising. We, at Websrefresh, are a premier company that has a professional team who specializes in Social Media Optimization. Our experts have great experience to generate people’s interest in your property through contests, exclusive offers, and giveaways. Contact us now to avail our services!


Nimesh Dinubhai

About The Author: Nimesh Dinubhai

Nimesh Dinubhai, the president of Websrefresh, offers excellent services to hotel industry. Some of them include website development, web design, mobile application, brand positioning, and other related Internet services. He has great interest in technology, the Laws of Success, spirituality, and the hotel industry. Also, he is also a member of Vantage Hospitality and AAHOA.

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