Using Pinterest to promote your hotel is an excellent way of generating traffic and interest to your website. Your direct bookings will be increased owing to increased traffic to your hotel website. Pinterest is a very social and is a visual platform that is great for hotels. This FAQ will answer everything you need to know about using Pinterest for hotel marketing.

Is Pinterest Good For Marketing?

Yes. Pinterest is one of the more impactful, versatile, and affordable marketing tools for all types of businesses including hotels. Pinterest is great for hotels that want to drive traffic to their site, increase brand awareness, and convert more leads. In addition, Pinterest users tend to have the highest purchase intent when compared to other social media users.

How many boards Should I have on my Hotel’s account?

The standard for the number of boards you should have on your Pinterest account is between 30 and 50 boards. Based on your hotel’s products and services, there are plenty of topics that you can use to create content. The content you create can be pinned to boards in the hospitality industry or destinations in your locality.

Based on the amount of content you create and the number of categories of services or products you have, you should build your profile with approximately 10 to 15 boards. You can then increase these numbers as your hotel’s content library grows. Make sure that you have your hotel’s original content and incorporate curated content on your hotel’s Pinterest account.

How Many Group Boards Should My Hotel Have?

If you are just starting out on Pinterest, you should join about 1 to 5 group boards. Ensure that you check the engagement scores after you join. As your hotel’s Pinterest account grows, you can cut out the group boards that have lower reach. You will have a wider impact on your hotel’s account with less effort when you share pins to the best-performing group boards.

How Many Pin Images From My Hotel Website Do In Need To Get Started?

To promote new hotel content and new products or services, you need to make tall pin graphics. You should try to create about 20 to 30 graphics and fill up your schedule with a mix of curated and original content. Your graphics must have a cohesive style and you can use the same design templates and switch the colors, text, or images to ensure they have a similar feel and look. You can also switch up your Pinterest designs by creating some pins that are longer than the standardized 735x1100px to increase engagement of your content.

What Is The Best Proportion For Original Hotel Content And Curated Content? 

It is best to stick to about 50% of original pins and 50% of curated content that you find on other websites and in your Pinterest search. For hotels that have lots of images and content to share, this ratio can be adjusted to 75% to 25% or you can opt for one pin from a different source for every 3 pins from your hotel website.

For hotels that are still in the process of creating their content marketing strategy and have nothing much to share, a ratio of 20% original pins to 80% curated pins is still good. This is because you are still aiming at gaining traction and boosting your engagement on the hotel’s Pinterest account. This will come in handy when you are sharing more of your hotel’s original content. Even if you are sharing the content of other users on Pinterest, your hotel’s account will still gain traction and the rate of impressions will be increased.

How Often Can Hotels Recycle Content They Have already Pinned?

Pinning about 20 to 30 brand new pins daily can be quite exhausting. You can continue recycling and re-recycling your hotel’s pins as long as they are performing well and they remain relevant. Be sure to check Pinterest Analytics to see which of your hotel’s pins are raising to the top and the pins that you want to re-schedule.

When you reshare successful pins, you will build your hotel’s momentum, boost engagement, and assist the Pinterest algorithm perceives your pins quality content source that people like clicking and sharing.

Pinterest offers great opportunities for hotel properties. Therefore, if your hotel is not active on Pinterest, then you are missing out. Pinterest is a great place for visuals and your target audience is waiting for you on the third largest social media platform.

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