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There is a lot of incorrect information and misguided advice about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Search Engine Optimization is like the building signage of your hotel on a virtual street. Not using SEO would mean that nobody knows of your hotel’s existence and visitors looking won’t be able to find your hotel. Without SEO you are simply invisible in cyberspace.

Can the spam

SEO ensures search engines can properly categorize the information about your hotel within your website in their systems. A search that produces useless results for the end user is considered spam, and search engines will avoid such sites or classify them as spam. When SEO is configured to trick the search engines rather than to help users, it also becomes spam. Adding content on your hotel’s home page for no other reason than to get good indexing in search engines is spam. If the content is not helping visitors decide if they are going to book a room with you, then it should be avoided. “Wheelchair accessible” and “heated outdoor pool” is useful information if you target demographics such as familiesversus “We accommodate all guests’ requests to the best of our ability and excel in hospitality services.” Simply put, if you sell shoes online, add the shoe sizesrather than talking about how much your friends like the models.

Use fewer words

Your hotel doesn’t need to be loaded with text to have good SEO. Ask yourself how many people decide to book a hotel by reading the website content. They will look at the pictures and read about services, but will book because they like the looks of the hotel or the convenience of the hotel’s location. As it comes to hotel marketing, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Hoteliers or hotel marketers need to verify that all pictures are properly tagged and have alternative descriptions. While this could seem like a way to “trick” search engines it shouldn’t be. It helps the visually impaired understand what is on the image and if a person can’t load the images for some reason they actually have additional information about what should be there.

Collaborate with content

If you feel you need more back-links to optimize your site and SEO, work with local or international travel news sites, for example, to inform them about events, changes, upgrades, renovations or other elements of your hotel that they would want to write about. Google Maps, Google Places, Yelp and local phone directories are “must have” links for every hotel. Automated emailing system must be configured frequently to ensure your emails go to clients only. Search engines will recognize all else as unsolicited email and treat it as spam. An excellent way to add SEO content that will generate bookings is to write a daily blog and update it at least five ti mes per week. A stale blog is worse than no blog, so either do it right or don’t do it at all. Well-written blogs with a lot of properly tagged visuals are liked and referenced by search engines, and you’ll get relevant traffic.

Good vs. bad

To conclude, good SEO is unobstructed by clatter. It is a virtual sign that reflects the quality of the hotel. It enables guests to find you easily – no need to have a blowup pink gorilla balloon flying on the roof. Bad SEO would be a flashy billboard in the middle of the street stopping all traffic and forcing all traffic to go through your hotel in order to move further down the street. You’ll get lots of traffic, but 98 percent of the people being forced through your hotel would be upset by the experience. That would soon destroy your reputation and classify you as a “spammer.” If you are looking to improve your marketing, chose someone who is experienced in SEO and specializes in hotel marketing with a proven record in building efficient hotel websites and who can show you statistics of bookings, not just visits. Websrefresh ™ has 10 years of experience working exclusively to serve the hotel indu

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