Mistakes Hotels Should Avoid With Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the leading social media channels that have the potential to bring revenue to your hotel. The hotels that are not acquainted with Instagram marketing could make common mistakes that can block potential. Are you engaged with your audience? Are you using the hashtags properly? Are you posting enough? If your answer is no to any of these above questions then you may be in danger of losing followers as well as revenue for your hotel.

#Mistake 1-Not posting enough

As the hoteliers do not have much time, they end up posting only once in a week. It can potentially cause the followers to lose interest and drop from their account. It is essential to post at least thrice in a week or more to optimal visibility. It helps in keeping the audience engaged.

#Mistake 2- Ignoring your audience

It is essential to keep in touch with your followers. Maintain a relationship with your audience and build their trust. Does not matter what they comment, be it good or bad, your response needs to be quick and positive. As Instagram is one of the best platforms for interaction, it is essential to reply to your followers’ queries’ or comments.

#Mistake 3- Sharing poor quality pictures

To build your brand, it is important to add good quality pictures. Every picture helps in adding value to your brand. Use each and every post to showcase your brand in different aspects. The captions, as well as the hashtags, count a lot when posting a picture.

#Mistake 4- Not using Hashtags Properly

Hashtags are one of the powerful ways to get noticed by a wider audience. While it is the best practice to avoid hashtags on Facebook or Twitter, Instagram is a fair game. Post with 10-20 relevant hashtags is more likely to grab attention from a wider audience than a post without any hashtags.

#Mistake 5- Sharing copied content

Social media is all about keeping your followers excited by sharing some original content. The followers keep coming back when you share original content more and less of copied content. Reposting an old photo sometimes is good, but not always. Keep away from these points and ensure you fascinate more and more guests. You can take help from professionals to maintain your Instagram profile. Websrefresh is one of the top-notch companies with a team of highly skilled professionals who can help you out with your digital marketing strategies.

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Vimal Bhakta

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