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Why do you need a mobile-friendly website? Google has seen a 3,000% rise in hotel mobile searches and over 6.5% of total online bookings in 2013 were conducted through mobile devices. The fact that 80% of business travelers now use smartphones confirms that you will lose serious business if you don’t have a mobile responsive website. Don’t stay behind; use our mobile web design service that customizes your content for all modern mobile devices!

Why Choose Our Mobile Web Design Service?

We can help you design mobile-friendly websites from scratch or make your existing websites responsive. Our experts can even provide you with custom tablet and mobile solutions that will help your sites drive traffic and revenue.

Here are some of the most impressive features and benefits:

  • We create websites that work on latest mobile devices.
  • We create keyword rich content optimized for search engines.
  • We use automated script that enables smartphone recognition and is touch-screen friendly.
  • We create websites that maintain domain relevancy.
  • We design mobile websites with automatic user agent detection.
  • We enable auto-flip content feature on your website.
  • We provide single click access to contacts and directions for easy navigation.
  • We enable reservations using a mobile booking engine.
  • We enable call-tracking functionality to help track bookings through your mobile site.

Whatever the size of your business, you can definitely benefit a lot by going mobile. Give us a call and let us explain why using our mobile website service is the best way to reach today’s hyperactive consumers who are always on the move.

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