No Leads? How to Figure If The Problem is in Marketing or Your Website

In today’s highly competitive world, hotels most often face challenges to get top quality leads. So, it may affect adversely on annual performance of their property. However, numerous hotels have their own marketing team who devises effective strategies to generate leads. They always look out for impactful ways that help to keep and retain their prospective guests. If you are an hotelier or a part of the hotel marketing team and facing problems getting leads, then you should perform conversion audit to figure out how your marketing strategy or website design can impact your conversion rates.

Here’s how to figure out website related issues:-

1. First of all, check your website loading speed to ensure whether it loads faster or not. If you notice that the speed of your webpages is too slow, then it needs to be fix so quickly otherwise it may frustrate your potential guests.

2. Ensure that your booking process is easy. Check whether there are any site navigation issues or not. If you notice poor experience with site navigation, then you should figure out what are the issues such as complicated/long forms, landing pages not optimized, call to action is not compelling enough, etc.

3. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly. Today, most of the travelers use their smartphones to book their rooms. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you may face problem to target that audience.

4. Check your website using different internet browsers and devices to check compatibility issues. When designing a site, nobody can have one-size fits all approach. So, you should ensure that it is compatible with all browsers.

5. Do price comparison to make sure that you are offering your rooms at competitive rates. If you find that your charges are high, then you should reduce them or give your guests incredible discounts to get more bookings.

Here’s how to figure out marketing related issues:-

1. Go through your website Google Analytics report to know whether you are getting target audience. Ensure that your website is well-optimized with right keywords. If you are generating wrong traffic, then try to revise your marketing strategy to get the relevant traffic that converts.

2. Check Google Search Console status to know whether your website has any crawling/indexing issues or not. If search engines are not crawling or indexing your site, then try to fix it immediately.

3. Ensure whether your website is not penalized by search engines. This usually occurs when you use black hat tactics. In such case, you will notice a sudden drop in your website traffic. So, implement the right solution immediately.

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Aman Dhillon

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