Obtain an Updated SSL Certificate to Boost Your Websites Traffic

Today, the competition amongst the hotels and OTAs has always been all-time high. Every traveler prefers to book his stay through online as it is a convenient way of booking. That’s why, it becomes very crucial for every hotel owner to own a website. By owning a site, you can encourage the tourists to book your rooms from any part of the world. However, most of the internet savvy people are afraid of data breach. Keeping in the mind this issue, the major search engine – Google has come up with a significant update for the users of Chrome. The websites having SSL certificates will be marked as secured. Nonetheless, this update is significant for all sites, but for a website collecting any sensitive data, for instance, credit card information, passwords or personal data.

If you don’t have an up-to-date SSL certificate on your hotel site, then it may impact upon your bookings. Google Chrome will display ‘not secure’ status in the address bar. So, it will be a warning for the guests that your website is not safe for browsing. As the resultant, it may reduce inquiries, traffic and potentially a drop in bookings through online.

Let’s Check Out what is an SSL Certificate exactly:-

SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a kind of security protocol which encrypts the data which is being sent between server and computer. The information can be the user’s passwords, credit card details, email or home address, etc. With this certificate, you can make your website 100% secured and ensure your customers that your website is fully secured. Your customers can ensure that your site has an up-to-date SSL certificate by checking the browser’s address bar.

But now the question is how to make sure that a site is fully secured? If a site is secured with an SSL certificate, the Chrome browser will show a green padlock icon in the address bar. On the other hand, if it shows a red padlock icon, it means that you have a broken/out-dated certificate. What’s more, an info icon will be displayed, if there is no certificate on the website.

Significance of Having an SSL certificate

By having this certificate, you, as a website owner, can avail a host of benefits:-

Get higher ranking of your website in Search Engines
Drive uninterrupted traffic to the site
Give Great Satisfaction to Your customers
Enjoy more online bookings
Earn higher revenue

Where to Get an SSL Certificate?

Presently, there are numerous hosting providers available all over the world that help the webmasters to obtain this certificate. So, if you don’t have SSL setup yet, you should approach a good hosting provider. For obtaining the certificate, you have to just pay annual fee. Once you pay the fees, the issuing authority will verify your business identity. But all you need to do is to approach a trusted hosting provider.

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