Leveraging your social media channels can go a long way in ensuring your hotel is in a position for success post-crisis. The benefits of paid social media advertising contain built-in re-targeting features, the ability to advertise to very specific demographics, and the enormous potential reach, due to the numerous users on social media sites.

In order to use Facebook & Instagram to Fuel Recovery, you first need to prepare for geographic emergence because the travelers come back in phases:

  • Local – In City Movement
  • Regional – Gateway with X radius
  • National & Global – Fuller travel to/from Vaccinated

Whether you are a luxury resort, an independent hotel, or a boutique property, these strategies and tips for each phase should help and motivate you in your hotel’s recovery process.


When it comes to aiding advertising on Facebook and Instagram, there are several new opportunities, such as the ability to advertise on Facebook Stories. You can advertise highlighting the short drive to the area or relaxing a business vacation in a new setting. This simply will

  • Raise awareness of openings
  • Drive local booking
  • Inspire staycations


There are several ad formats and options like photo, carousel, and video. Choose the right format to reach potential customers. You can also update your images and videos such as a couple of people enjoying themselves to target regional travelers. This will help you

  • Engage your audience
  • Partner with creators
  • Convert high-intent with Travel Ads

National & Global:

To attract national and global guests, encourage them with different ad copy and visuals to give booking confidence. Welcome back your guests to relive the memories of a safe and fun vacation. Develop ad copy that can position your business as the ideal option. For this, you can:

  • Return to data-driven Marketing
  • Re-target to drive conversion

Besides, through emphatic messaging, safety messaging, and giving long term stay discounts & deals, you can get a bounce back in your business. So, if you are planning for recovery, keep these points in mind while promoting your brand on FB and Instagram and breathe new life into your business.

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