Send These 4 Emails to Your Hotel Guests Every Month

Send These 4 Emails to Your Hotel Guests Every Month

Email marketing is an excellent way for hoteliers to communicate directly with existing and potential guests. This is because it can help to increase bookings and leverage opportunities at every stage of the customer’s journey. However, you need to know the best emails to send out. Here are four emails that hotels should be sent to their guests. 

Thank You for Booking Email 

This email appreciates and acknowledges your guests for choosing to stay with you. This email can be used to gather guest preferences and information that can be beneficial when sending targeted special offers afterward. Be sure to send it immediately after a guest confirms his/her booking because their stay will still be fresh in their minds. This will help you build a personal relationship with the guest and prevent them from canceling because they will feel valued even before the actual stay.

Special Campaigns

Sending emails is one of the most effective ways for customers to know about your hotels special offers, discounts, and promotions. You can send them a deal of the week or month mail to let them know about limited-time offers that they can take advantage of when they book a stay at your hotel. Be sure to send the emails directly to your guest’s inbox instead of public social or marketing materials. This will make them feel special and you can customize your offers to suit their needs. 

Follow- Up Marketing Email

Sending a follow-up email to guests after their most recent stay is an excellent way of retaining your existing hotel customers. You should inquire about how their time in your hotel was and get them talking about what they liked and disliked about their stay. This will help you come up with new ideas for future emails and send them emails that are personalized to their needs.

Testimonials Emails

One powerful email marketing strategy in the hotel industry is recommendations made by contented hotel guests. 83% of people are likely to purchase products or book hotel services after hearing about them from customers just like them. Therefore, a winning email marketing strategy for your hotel should include sharing what other guests have to say about your facility. 

There are many email campaign opportunities that you can use to boost your hotel bookings and retain existing customers. These four campaign tips are an excellent way to start you off on the path to success. Try them today and see how your hotel business will transform and yield better returns. 



Nimesh Dinubhai

About The Author: Nimesh Dinubhai

Nimesh Dinubhai, the president of Websrefresh, offers excellent services to hotel industry. Some of them include website development, web design, mobile application, brand positioning, and other related Internet services. He has great interest in technology, the Laws of Success, spirituality, and the hotel industry. Also, he is also a member of Vantage Hospitality and AAHOA.

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