Should You Keep Your Hotel Social Media Pages Active In Lockdown? If Yes, What To Post

Yes, in a situation where there is a lockdown, hotels need to keep their social media pages active in order to keep their customers engaged. With many businesses considering having their workers work from home, it is also important that hotels think of that possibility. When there is a lockdown, hotels may experience a slowdown in operations and possible closure. Even when they close down, they need to keep their social channels active.

Social Media Pages for Hotels

Hotels use social media to enhance brand reputation, create awareness of their brand, and market their services. When there is a lockdown, it doesn’t mean that everything becomes shutdown. Keeping the customers engaged would prepare them for the next check-in when the situation improves. Visitors are closely watching the situation and they will in the future want to travel to their destinations. If you take the opportunity to engage them when there is a lockdown, they may prefer to book with you when the lockdown ends and traveling resumes.

What to Post in Social Media

Your customers would want to know what’s happening in your area. Keeping them updated on what’s going on and how your hotel is preparing to bounce back when the lockdown ends allow the guests to know that at least you are doing something. You can also post information asking them to take precautions against the COVID-19 and stay safe. This shows that you care about them and they remain emotionally attached to your brand during the crisis and will want to visit your hotel after the lockdown.

Here are some good examples of the posts you can place on social media channels.

“Dear our valued customers, as we continue to monitor the COVID-19 crisis, our hotel will go dormant for some time. We will keep you posted about when we will be resuming our operations. We stand together as we walk through these difficult times.”

“We would like to assure you that we are committed to ensuring the health of our staff is protected while allowing us to serve your needs. Effective this date, we will remain dormant in our hotel but our staff will work from home to answer your queries and offer any information you need.”

“We hope that you stay healthy during this time so that you don’t put yourself at risk of contracting the virus. Just take deep breaths, relax at home and keep yourself and your family safe.”

Lockdown doesn’t mean the end of life. It doesn’t mean that businesses won’t operate again. Proactive hoteliers will take this time of lockdown to prepare themselves to seize opportunities that may come after the lockdown.

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