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Social media tips every hotel marketer needs to know in 2014

It’s time for a New Year Resolution.

Hotel marketers can transform online traffic into hefty profit using the trade tools of social media.

As 2014 rings in we are expecting significant changes and adaptations in online marketing, driven by the accumulated data from online purchasing behaviors surveys. The hospitality industry, which entirely depends on online marketing, is most affected. Let’s begin with the facts. Data analysis collected during 2013 indicates:

  • 74 percent or 2/3 of all travelers relies on social network when they make purchasing decisions.
  • 46 percent or nearly half plan their travel on mobile devices.
  • 72 percent book their travel after watching online video or visuals they stumble upon while interacting with social media.
  • Half of all travelers’ researched and booked hotels on their cell phone.
  • One third of the total bookings are done on a tablet.
  • One quarter of overall (world) travelers booked accommodation over Smartphone and tablets in 2013.

Websrefresh website may use “cookies” to enhance User experience, deliver notifications, or announcement of special offers to ouWebsrefresh™ is in already in the process of custom fitting marketing strategies to help our clients navigate through the upcoming changes in marketing and social media. We combine tried and true, traditional methods with New Media marketing, implementing solutions for seamless adaptations to the new trends in a technology-optimized market.

We want to share with you some of the key points and players for social media engagement in 2014.


Most hotel owners tend to abandon their website once it is published online, practicing the principle “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Our research found a very small percentage of all independent hotel owners can answer correctly when asked if their website is HTML4 or HTML5 responsive; and only the few know what responsive website is.

The key this year is not only to update your website to HTML5 responsive – which makes it mobile compatible – but also to become optimized for mobile use. Social media technology integration should become a vital part of your website presence.


Expedia, Priceline and TripAdvisor are spending a whopping $3 billion combined in revving up and revamping their marketing in 2014. It’s an impressive investment that indicates that they have considered the online purchasing behavior of buyers and are going after consumers with zest.Stunning images, impressive videos, social media sharing, cordial two-way communication to achieve customer satisfaction are forming a separate branch of marketing management for the travel industry.A lot of hotels are adding new social media marketers to follow users, screen reviews, reply to comments and interact with potential guests around the clock in “virtual” person.

The New Year demands that you engage daily with your online visitors and participate in the social media interaction. The old “upgrade and forget it” approach to your website is deadly to online-derived profits.


Prior to Google’s launch of Hummingbird, advertisers were used to packing as many keywords as they could into the website content. This year, you need to think more conversationally, and post online content centered on the question “How can I make my website more useful to visitors?” versus the 2013 query “How can I make my website more visible to visitors?” We jokingly refer to this new approach as “Show me the money!”

What matters the most this year is not only how much traffic you attract to your website but how you engage the traffic you attract on your website.

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