The Role of Website Audit in a Hotel Site That Sends Booking Every Day

If you have a site that sends hotel booking every day, you need to ensure that it optimized for SEO, mobile-friendly, and converting. The site user experience (UX) needs to be evaluated to see that users are finding it easy to navigate the site, find the information they want, or get to the shopping cart. Your hotel booking website needs auditing to help with the following:

Optimize for Engines

About 87 percent of travel-related transactions start with an online search. If your site isn’t ranking high in the SERPs, it may not receive the traffic that could be converted to hotel guests. The audit may look at SEO components including title tags, headings, indexed pages, alt attributes, broken links as well as redirections, and Meta descriptions.

Mobile Optimization

In the hotel industry, just like in other industries, websites that aren’t mobile-friendly are likely to lose big. Google penalizes websites that are not mobile-friendly meaning that if your hotel website hasn’t been optimized for mobile experience, you’re not only hit hard in mobile search results but also don’t convert readily. An audit will look at attributes like mobile speed, mobile-friendliness, mobile visits, mobile rendering, mobile compatibility, and touch screen readiness on your site. Can people on the go make hotel room bookings using their smartphones?

Social media Optimization

You need to be active on social media because here is where you will find traffic that you can convert to hotel guests. Your social media accounts need to be accessible from the home page of the hotel site. An audit should look at the conversion rates emanating from social campaigns, the demographic profile of reached audience, engaged users, and your communities. The auditors need to analyze your Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter to help determine which ones can be optimized to allow increased conversations and bookings.

An audit of a hotel site helps you see what things are affecting the ranking and conversion of your site. There are technical and OnPage SEO issues such as links and content that you need to look at.

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Tammy Benson

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