Things That Annoy A Guest on Your Hotel Website

After going through all the trouble and expense of creating a website, it would be disappointing if we are not able to generate profits out of it. But not all our efforts are welcomed with equal enthusiasms by the guests visiting our website. Here is a list of major quirks and most annoying things that are faced by a guest on your hotel website that you need to address:

Hard to get contact info: If the visitor is interested in your services, the first information they will need is your address, phone number, and customer support information. A website where the contact info has to be dug up is hated by the guests.

Use of pop-ups: Pop-ups tend to distract viewers’ interests and annoy them. They are considered to be a highly aggressive and invasive form of advertising by viewers and are generally hated.

Flash animations: Hard pieces of coding like in Flash animations tend to make a website heavy and slow downloading. Especially, with the use of mobiles and tablets, this bulky stuff is all the more disliked by the guests.

Poor navigation: When a guest visits your hotel website, they want to be guided through a smooth searching and booking process. If they are not able to find directions or where to click around, the first thing that they will do is finding another option. Hotel websites that show visitors how and where to go for the next step like, bookings, freebies, contact, etc. are better liked.

Autoplay multimedia content: Music and videos that tend to play on opening a website are highly disliked by the visitors. Abrupt sounds breaking the silence in the middle of a room will not only startle them but also annoy them, especially when they are unable to find the stop or mute buttons. Videos that autoplay on mute is better liked in comparison.

Bulky, disoriented, and unnecessary photographs: Heavy images mean more loading time for a website and no one wants to wait for more than a few seconds to load a webpage. Unnecessary stock images annoy the guests. Poor quality images that are too big or too small for the frame allotted to them are pointless to display and are only helpful in irritating the visitors.

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Aman Dhillon

We are very pleased with the service provided by Websrefresh team. The entire team was very professional and guided us through the process of creating a user-friendly website. Their word scribe is excellent and knowledgeable about our customer base and helped us create a message to suit the needs of our potential customers. It was great to work with a team that had first-hand knowledge about the hotel business. Our website was completed within the given time frame and the entire team worked diligently to modify the content to best suit the organic search engine optimization

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